On your mark……Get set……WAIT!

On your mark……Get set……WAIT!


The waiting game!  For many of us, life seems to have given us a first class seat in this section of time called “waiting”.  We seem to always think that we are ready to advance to our next place.  We seem to think that we are focused and in the correct lane….we are disciplined and in the correct position ….yet we still haven’t heard the correct sound that signals us to move forward……so we WAIT.

Waiting is a word that’s familiar to everyone – across the board.  From the youngest infant to the oldest adult: the rich, the wealthy, the poor, the educated and unlearned – everyone has had their dealings with this thing called waiting. 

Although we don’t always view it as so, when we are waiting, we are actually saying, “I haven’t given up….. I’m still anticipating that something phenomenal is going to happen”.

So, as we wait in the physical realm; in the realm of the spirit our mindset must remain:

W - Watchful.  Maintain your attentiveness; stay on the lookout.  Don’t fall asleep! (I Peter 5:8)

A -  Active.  Mark time if you must – but do something! Don’t permit your spirit to become lazy  (Proverbs 6:6)

I  -   Ideological.  Never allow your creative abilities to cease.  There are still new inventions to  be discovered!  Just because you are waiting in one area doesn’t         mean that you  can’t progress in other areas.  (I Corinthians 2:9)

T – Truthful .  Uphold your level of integrity in word and in deed.  Don’t begin to lower your standards nor your expectations.   (II Corinthians 8:21)


So, against popular belief… the waiting game does have its positive aspects.  However, it’s our decisions and our expectations (or the lack of them!) that permit us to make lemonade from our lemons, rather than drink its juice and complain about the tartness! 

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