How are we made like God? The phrase "Let us make man like ourselves" Does not mean that God created us exactly like himself, especially in the physical sense. Instead, we are reflections of God's glory. We will never be totally like God, because he is our supreme Creator. Our best hope is to reflect His character in our Love, Patience, Forgiveness, Kindness, and Faithfulness. We are made in the image of God, and share many of his characteristics. Our worth is not defined by our possessions, popularity, achievements, physical attravtiveness,... Self-worth is knowing that God created us in His image and after His likeness.....Criticizing are downgrading ourselves is criticizing what God has made. Because we are like God, we can feel positive about ourselves and our abilities. Knowing that we are a person of infinite worth gives us the freedom to Love God. know Him personally,and make a valuable contribution to those around us. 

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