Our Young Men Are Always Under Attack!

Our Young Men Are Always Under Attack!


(Note: With the recent unveilings and enlightenments of violence occurring nationally concerning our young men, many people have requested that this message be reposted.  Let our focus also be extended to all of the family members whose lives have been affected and permanently altered by acts of violence.)

It has always been the intention of our adversary to prevent the manifestation of God’s divine plans and purposes…especially concerning the men.   The Lord had inspired me to write the prayer below quite a few years ago; however I recently found it and began using it again.

The attack on the minds of our young men is far greater now than in prior times.  However, when we pray…God will honor our petitions that we place before Him.  I would like to encourage you to take a stand and to zero in on some of the young men in your life, in your family, in your church, and in your community.  Claim the promises of God for their lives.  Remember, we never have to beg God to do something.  We only need to decree, stand in faith and WAIT for the manifestation…..because God never fails!


 Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for the opportunity to lift our young men up to you.  I also thank you that these men will fulfill your decreed plans and purposes for their lives.  As an intercessor, I stand and ask that you; Elchaynu Seichot - Our God of forgiveness; will forgive their acts of omission and commission towards you.  I decree that they will begin to rise up and assume their rightful places in this earth.  I dismantle, and break from their lives the power of all negative word curses that they have received unto their spirits.  I disengage previous thoughts and behavioral patterns that have been contrary to and that have delayed the full manifestation of your blessings in their lives.  I decree that they will now begin to operate as your priest in every area of their lives without delay.

I speak healing to their entire being, in the name of YHVH ROPHE….God our healer.  Healing to the area of their minds that encases their emotions, their thoughts, their imaginations, and their reasonings.  Permit their minds to be healed to the extent that they will not bow nor submit to the spirits that manifest themselves in acts of; humiliation, loneliness, discouragement or rejection.   YHVH BORE- God our creator; restore and create anew their spirits in the areas of creativity and dreams. 

Stress and anxiety be gone in the name of Jesus.  I decree and declare that our young men are totally healed; physically, totally healed psychologically, and totally healed spiritually in the name of Jesus.

Through the power of YHVH PERAZIM – the God of Breakthrough; I call forth a breakthrough anointing that will uproot the spirit of anger, dismantle rage and dissolve the bitterness in their lives – in the name of Jesus.  I decree that the blood of Jesus will infiltrate every wounded area of their being and further cleanse any and every area not named or known to me….but known to you EL DE’OT.. the God of knowledge,

Now Lord, since they have been set free in the realm of the spirit; I decree that your peace will begin to manifest itself in their lives.  I ask that they will sense and feel the newness in their spirits and begin to respond positively and offer no resistance to this total healing process.  I ask that you will send anointed men into their lives to assist them in this new place.  I decree that our young men will begin to develop new relationships with other like caliber men.  I decree and declare the manifestation and activation of their God appointed spiritual covering.   Father God, I ask that you will reveal to them the proper mentors whom you have already assigned and prepared for them….  Men who are already picking them up in the realm of the spirit and who will intercede for them on a regular basis.  Reveal male intercessors who know the struggles and aspirations of our young men. Reveal to them intercessors who will not come down from their appointed places of intercession for these young men – until you release them from their assignments…in the name of Jesus.

I also call forth the manifestation of every spiritual gift in them.  Those gifts that you have placed in them even before the foundation of the world; will manifest at the appointed time and not be delayed.  I speak that you will open doors of opportunity for these young men to minister to young other men.  I also decree that every door that you have not opened will be permanently sealed – never to be opened again.

Lastly, Lord God, I ask that you will honor this prayer and manifest every request according to your already decreed word recorded in: Job 22:27 & 28; I John 5:14 & 15 and in Matthew 18:19 in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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