How Can I still have peace?


Simply because peace is a mindset and is not determined by my current situations or circumstances; peace is always available to me.  I just need to acquire the correct tools and avail myself to the proper implementation of the same!


Tools for Maintaining The Peace of God

P -“Presence” - If I invite the presence of God to intervene into EVERY  Situation.  (Exodus 33:14)

E -“Endure”   - If I endure as a warrior, not whine like a wimp; and view  my encounter as an open door and not a dead end. (James 1:22, II Timothy 2:3)

A -“Ask”        - If I ask God for guidance, and not just do what “I” think is best.   (Proverbs 3:5-7)

C -“Cry”         - If I cry out to the Lord first– and not to other people.    (Psalm 30:2)

E -“Expect”   - If I accept and expect! Accept the process that is  required.  Expect God to give me a strategy – therefore, I must keep an open ear.  (Philippians 4:13, Psalm 86:11; 23:5)


So….YES! I can still have PEACE in the midst of it all…..But the key is to:

Invite in the Presence of God; Endure as a good soldier; Ask God for help; Cry to Him and Expect Him to change ME even when the situation doesn’t APPEAR to be changing!    

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