Prayer Recognizing God’s Wisdom

Read slowly and thoroughly; digesting with the inner ear of your spirit.

Prayer Recognizing God’s Wisdom ©2003


Father God, in Jesus’ name, I come to you.     I thank you for the wisdom to acknowledge you in all of your ways. 

Your word declares that Wisdom is the principle thing - “The foremost ingredient”.  So I come to seek your WISDOM above all else.  With your wisdom, I will accomplish every task to the perfected level that pleases you.

Your wisdom demands that I alter and amend every thought, every motive, every dream - every issue of life and bring them subject to your divine will.  Your wisdom demands integrity to the utmost in every area from the most minute to the most extravagant.

Your wisdom promotes and provokes me to diligently press towards the mark of that higher calling in Christ Jesus. 

Your wisdom orchestrates the tenacity, the endurance, the discipline, the assertiveness, the guidance and the forbearance required by me to discern and uproot every satanic and demonic weapon formed against me.  Therefore as your word declares, these weapons formed will not be able to accomplish nor produce the tasks which were assigned to them.

Father, I thank you for the wisdom to press beyond the veil.  The wisdom to no longer be content on this level, or in this place - the wisdom to seek you and you alone for my divine direction as I advance in my next dimension.

Because of my uniqueness in you, and because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, personally designed and hand crafted by you and for you; I have learned to appreciate all that you have placed within me.   I have learned how to willingly surrender my entire being - spirit, soul and body to you.  You alone and those whom YOU send to me have the wisdom to shape and mold me into your divine vessel.  I thank you for the wisdom to embrace my uniqueness in you.  It is through the revelation of that uniqueness that I am motivated to realize the fact that I will “do things differently”.  Therefore, I decree that I will pattern my life after Jesus and those qualities He displayed.

Lastly Father, I thank you that I have received an in-depth understanding regarding your wisdom.  I can now certainly acknowledge the fact that wisdom is the principle thing.  I will now strive as never before to bring every thought, word and deed captive to your obedience… and in so doing, I will be privy to that degree of wisdom, which will permit me to operate from the platform of your Kingdom Principles. With your wisdom guiding me, I now know that I can be of a greater threat to the kingdom of darkness – because the greater one is definitely abiding within me and daily alerting me to every diabolical trap that has been set for me. 

Hallelujah!  Nothing shall be impossible for me to accomplish because I am covered…. Safe and secured with a blanket of your WISDOM!  …..And it is so!       

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