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Hello to all my Fathers Children,

I am Prophetess Dannetta Moore.  I will get straight to my beginning testimony.  Since before I was born the enemy knew of me, which means that God informed him.  He first tried to get my mother to abort me, God said No.  He tried to get my mother to starve us (yes us, as I was still in her womb) to death.  She barely weighed 100 lbs in her 7 month and the doctor told her if she did not eat she would surely die, God said No.  He tried to murder me by throwing me down a flight of concrete stairs when I was no more than 3 months old, God said No.  There are several other attempts, but God said No.  I am who God says I am and I shall go where God says to go, and I shall do what God says to do, for I am His and He is mine.  I surrender all of what He has rendered to me as use, back to Him for His Glory.  

I am married to a wonderful Man of God and we have four God fearing young me and women (Yes, I'm prophesying to my family).  We live in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  We belong to Roaring Prophets Ministries where our leaders are Apostle Mack and Natalie Henry of South Bend, Indiana.  We have been blessed to be founding members of this ministry.  See a need, fill the need in whatever capacity God sees fit.  

For these reasons and more, I give no room for the enemy and I cut off his head every time I get the opportunity.

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  • God says YES!...YOUR words from the WORD; "It's My Time!!"  (May 4, 2014). Manifold Blessings, Prophetess Moore :-).  Agape ♥.

  • Blessings Prophetess Dannetta, I love your Bio and testimony. I can relate, the enemy tried to take me out in the womb as well, and God said NO. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony. Keep on moving forward in God. Welcome again to the School of the Prophets. Agape~~~

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