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I am a single mother of two wonderful, blessed, but changeling young men.  I am a divorcee, a grandmother of three (3) little boys and one little princess.  I graduated from Benton Harbor High School in 1977; enlisted in the Arm forces; discharge with an honorable E-4 status.  After seriously having my own way, going my own way for 20 years, I decided to say yes to God and come to Him completely.  September 16 2005; I said a genuinely yes to God and joined Hopewell Missionary Baptist church.  It was in my godmother’s living room when I was baptized with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit.  It changed my entire life; I spent 5 years at Hopewell, became the president of the Missionary Board, and member of the Pastor Aide’s Auxiliary.  I knew that there were something going on with me, I develop a serious prayer/fasting/studying life, became closer to God, and developed a close relationship with Him.  Giving God my undivided attention, He begin to share with me, who He is, who I am, what he has called and chosen for my life.  He let me know it’s not because of your grandmother, family name, nor your own merits; “It’s A Divine Call” Chosen by the God of all.  He begin saying Patricia you have been bought with a price; 1Cor. 6:19-20; Isaiah 61, Matt. 5, Eph. 4:11 just to name a few.  God establish his word within me through all the trials and tribulations, all the opened/closed doors, all the state of wondering, all the gains and losses, all the misunderstanding, me not understanding, about to lose my mind, lost my hope, joy lost in the wilderness, sickness, through it all God was with me, and he promise me he would never leave me nor forsake me. God called me to go further left Hopewell traveled to Bethel Christian Restoration church, there I begin to ask God “What is it that he has really called me to do, continuing to tell me about my “Divine Calling”, but it was not looking like that at all, not being used, over-looked, rejected, I felt chained, hindered, trampled upon, thinking God really didn’t call me.  After 4.5 years God sent me here to COGIC-Greater Community, still the same thing, just different building, different people, but the same thing, I begin to cry out to God, and he heard me and on November the 5, 2014 God spoke and told me “I will not wonder any more” I am out of the wilderness; he has delivered me, now I Am Free.  Free to move forth, Free to move about the country.  NOW It’s MY Turn!!!

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  • Amen, bless you Patricia, very encouraging Bio, and I can relate to it as well. Being a divorce raising my children, and sitting in a COGIC shell, dressing the part, looking the part however, dying on the inside and deteriorating on the outside, and no one say me. I thank God 6 years ago, God told me to leave and go. When I obeyed God, he told me to work in the vineyard for a while, to aide and assist a ministry. After four years of being faithful, God said now it is time for you to leave and we are going to change the world. Few months later out of a dream, he told me to start this ministry and school, and here we are :-)

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