Spiritual Cataracts

Spiritual Cataracts

“And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” ......” 2 Kings 6:17

Read: 2 Kings 6:8-22



There are times when we, the body of Christ are lacking the ability to see and understand the happenings of this season.  In other words, we have been “blind-sided”; not possessing the capability to clearly comprehend and relate the occurrences of today to those which are recorded in the Bible.  Although we sincerely love the Lord; attend Bible Study on a regular basis; and are faithful in the paying of our tithes and offerings; we can’t seem to SEE clearly.  Why? Possibly because we have Spiritual Cataracts.


Basically, when a person has a cataract in the natural; they have a condition in which there is a cloudiness of the lens in the eye that prevents light from passing to the retina; which can impair their vision.


Therefore, when someone has a Spiritual Cataract they have a blockage in their perception in the realm of the Spirit; which is preventing the illumination of God’s word from being comprehended to its fullest capacity.  They may “see men walking as trees” (Mark 8:24); or not even see at all (refer to the key verse).  Whatever the case they need to have those cataracts removed if they are going to be abreast of these end-time situations, which have already been fully explained in our canon. 


In some instances cataracts in the natural can remain intact because they aren’t really obstructing too much of the retina.  However, when referring to Spiritual Cataracts; whatever the density or consistency – they must be removed.  We can’t afford to permit anything in our lives which will block or hinder the Light and Illumination of the Lord to prevail.


So if you are lacking the ability to accurately “see” the signs of the times; if you are still not actively progressing in the realm of the Spirit; if your decisions and directives are still leading you down paths which are non-productive; ….. then maybe you are in need of a Spiritual Cataract Removal Surgery. 


Ask the Lord to reveal to you every area in your life where He is still not “Lord”.   In other words; those areas where the illumination of His word is not prevailing to the extent, that you are willing to bring about a total submission to His divine authority.  Ask Him for the corrective orders and directions which will permit an enlightenment of who He is to be evident and to prevail in your life.


Lastly, remember that God will perform the necessary procedures – but we must be willing to do our part by walking in obedience, persistence, and a determination to do whatever the He mandates for our lives. 


Make the preparations for your surgery today….enough time has been wasted. The enemy has already gained too much ground because we are walking around…. having our illumination in the realm of the Spirit hindered…..simply because we have ignorantly embraced our Spiritual Cataracts!

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