The Comma ….. The Resting Place

The Comma ….. The Resting Place

“Be still, and know that I am God. …………..” Psalm 46:10


When using written communications to convey our thoughts to others, it is much easier for us to be understood when we use various punctuation marks.    Whether you are the writer or the reader; without the use of punctuation marks it would be virtually impossible for the written communication to be successfully comprehended.  


One such marking that most of us are familiar with is the comma.  The comma, unlike the period informs us the we haven’t arrived at the end of the sentence; there is still more to come; so just take a brief pause and continue on.


Our lives are also accompanied with various “accent or punctuation marks”.  There will be times when we arrive at the place when it becomes necessary to take a brief rest – and then continue on.  In other words – we’ve arrive at a place that we know isn’t the end or the final stage of the project.  Yet, we are not feeling as though we should proceed “right now”.  This may be the time when it is necessary to take a brief pause – and then continue on. 


You just might be experiencing the awareness of a “spiritual comma” that God has inserted into the “sentence of your life”.  God strategically places the commas in our lives where He knows that they will effectively impact us and those to whom he has called us to minister.  Don’t ignore the God inserted commas; if you do, the remainder of the spiritual sentence will be perplexing.  In other words, don’t push forward when God is telling you to wait.  Don’t try to MAKE God move in a given situation.  Far too often I hear people say that they are going to fast and pray when they are faced with a difficult situation….. because they want God to change His plans concerning their situations.  Fasting doesn’t change the mind or decision of God – it changes us and increases our level of faith.  Therefore, don’t lean to your own understanding.  Seek the face of God… and walk or wait there in.


So just remember, the comma is the signal to stop briefly; and then continue on.  Don’t become too comfortable or discouraged in the “comma” place.  There is still more to be accomplished. God will use YOU to achieve all that He has promised.  Don’t become disheartened when the situations and circumstances which were once “sailing smoothly” suddenly appear to hit a few bumps in the road…..even though you know that the journey isn’t complete.  Maybe you’ve just encounter a spiritual comma.  So remain calm, seek the face of God for any amendments that need to be implemented… and wait for the release to proceed further.


Acknowledge and appreciate the commas…. They are the brief resting places along this “sentence” of life.


And He said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and rest a while."……

Mark 6:31

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