The Day of Illumination

 The Day of Illumination

Lord may I permit your light to shine through me—REGARDLESS.


(The Lord my light - Psalms 27:1)


Read Psalm 27 & St. John 1


To summarize the concept of “Illumination”, we could state that illumination is when God, through the working Holy Spirit conveys to us an understanding of a revealed Bible truth.  


So today, Lord I ask that you illuminate every area of my mind that appears to be dark - void of understanding.   Your Son has come to us as our Light; as our path to understanding your desires for us.  Today may I seek Holy Spirit as never before for a fuller revelation of who you truly are…. For without revelation I will have no illumination. 


I ask that you Lord God, my JEHOVAH ORI; as a result of my daily meditational period with you; implant within me the tenacity to seek your face for true illumination.  May I never fall prey to the ideologies, concepts, and endtime thought patterns that have been released from the kingdom of darkness.  If I must stand seemly alone; I will not fear nor become intimated.  Let me never compromise or keep hidden the illuminated revelations that you have given to me.  My effectiveness as an endtime warrior will only be maintained if I seek you daily for an amended illumination of my previously learned strategies. 


May I realize that just because it’s a new season, that fact alone won’t assure me of receiving your “multidimensional” illuminations.  Lord, illuminate and enlarge my territory…. - the territory of my mind, which will produce new, profitable imaginations, a new in-depth vision and a new thirst.  Illuminate and enlarge the territory of communications; thus eliminating all non-productive and hindering connections and relationships.   Illuminate and enlarge the territory of my resources; enabling the release of, access to and the manifestation of those hidden treasures which are so necessary for this season.


Lord may I permit your LIGHT to shine through me, so that I may then in return, share with others an increased measure of wisdom, revelation knowledge and endtime strategies. May my newly received illuminated status, permit me to no longer be biased towards ANY concept that would encourage me to limit my ability to extend your unconditional love to everyone. 


As an additional advantage of your illumination, may I be reassured that you have created, anointed and appointed me….. for such a time as this.  I will not waste time – but will now aggressively pursue your intended plans and purposes for my life. 

Thank you, Jehovah Ori, for all that will be revealed to me as I embrace the benefits of my new illumination! 

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