The courses, training opportunities, and materials, as well as for instructions, are intended for educational purposes. They are neither designed to give legal advice nor take the place of appropriate legal, professional, or medical consultation. As laws vary from State to State and from, Country/Providence to Country /Province, participants are advised to discuss any specific question(s) with the proper authority (ies). The purpose of this information is to equip learners to more fully understand the needs of individuals, and to be able to offer motivational, inspirational, and supportive information.

I Command Healing to your Body right now in Jesus. Healing in your entire health system right now in Jesus. I Command that God will unblock everything that is hindering your body to work effectively in Jesus. I Command by the same Healing power that healed the Woman with the issue of Blood in( Mark 5) is the same God who is healing your body now in Jesus. You are loose from all your infirmities, illnesses, and dis-ease in Jesus. You are free from all disabilities and alienation and we cast out now in Jesus. I Command a Divine Regeneration and Transfiguration to take place in your entire body in Jesus. I Command and Decree that every cell, vessel, veins, and malfunction part of your body be repaired, recovered, restored, and come subject to the Healing Power of God, now in Jesus. God repairs the breach because it is Written. No weapons formed against your body shall prosper and every demonic force and satanic attack that rise up against your body, and Purpose shall be condemn and in judgment. I Command and Activate Raphael the Angel of Healing to heal your body and lay hands on your entire body now. Not one word will fall to the ground. By the Blood of Jesus you are healed, and in Jesus, you are being healed. Ne'Eman

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