The Search Is On…Do You Qualify?

The Search Is On…Do You Qualify?

“……The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: ……. Luke 10:2


If a search was held for those who display the character qualities of the Lord, how would you score?.  Now…. you’ve been “saved” for quite a few years; you know quite a few scriptures; and can effectively convince someone of their need to deepen their relationship with the Lord.  However, do you qualify as a potential for the current search?

Check your credentials ……. You be the judge!

  1. Does my love for the Lord reflect in my: emotions, reasonings, and my actions?
  2. Do I spend quality time in the presence of the Lord – daily?
  3. Am I a BOLD advocate for the cause of Christ?
  4. Am I familiar enough with my “sword” as to know the “flavor” of its content?
  5. What is the opinion of the people in my community concerning my: integrity, friendliness, and my active involvement within the community?
  6. What about my employer and my fellow coworkers? What is their opinion of my Spiritual convictions? Do they even know of my profession concerning my Lord?
  7. What does my check book reveal concerning my stewardship in the area of finances?
  8. What type of financial supporter am I to those who minister to me on a regular basis?
  9. Are my choices and the style of my clothing in accord with what is “satisfactory” and pleasing to the Lord?
  10. Above all, is my overall lifestyle a display of that which would consider me to be classified as a current day disciple?

So if the Lord were to use the above brief list as a “white glove” to survey our lives…. would that glove still remain white after the survey?  Remember….God doesn’t require unreasonable actions  – but He does require obedience, commitment and perseverance.   

Yes…. The search is on….. Do you qualify?  (if not…get to stepping!!!)

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