The Undercurrents Have Shifted…. Have You?

 All these are but the beginning of the birth pains”. Matthew 24:8

Read Matthew 24


One of the benchmarks that many theologians have used for decades as the verification of God’s “plum line” is nature.    We can no doubt attest to the fact that we are experiencing extreme atmospheric conditions.   While people may vary in their knowledge and their understanding of the Bible; no one can deny the alterations in the usual flow of nature which are now occurring. 


One of the major reasons why we were experiencing twenty degree temperature differences from one day to the next is that the undercurrents have shifted.   An undercurrent is a force just beneath the surface, which is flowing in a different direction from the surface current.  While undercurrents occur both in the air and in the water; today we will focus on the effects of those associated with the water.


In recent years, every summer is producing an above normal increase in the rate of water fatalities – especially those associated with shark attacks.   Many people are explaining that the conditions of the water are very deceiving.   There were more rip-tides. The currents which are not visible to the naked eye; and which therefore can’t be easily detected, have changed.  People who usually swim in various creeks, lakes and oceans are drowning or being attacked – because the undercurrents have shifted.


This shifting has also occurred in the realm of the Spirit.  Nature is only revealing what has already occurred in the Spirit world.  In the realm of the Spirit, there has always been a subordinate current; flowing contrary to the major current.    However now, the undercurrent has shifted! What was once detectable from the shore is no longer visible.


So it is in the realm of the Spirit.  The spirit of deception is running rapid!  Many of the enemy’s devices which in times past were clearly detectable – have become camouflaged.  Therefore, if we are going to be effective, we must venture from the “shore” and get into the water… in the realm of the Spirit.   The shifting has occurred and its effects are evident in every arena; from the “White House to the Poor House”.     


While everything around you has shifted …The question now is… have you?  What measures have you taken to assure yourself that you will not be swept away and even drown in the swift moving undertow in the realm of the Spirit?  Have you increased your times of praying, studying, serving and giving?  Have you amended your “busy” schedule to include a God ordained – rather than God permitted agenda?  Are you just “busy” or are you productive?

(Note: One of my Spiritual daughter’s acronyms for busy is: Being Under Satan’s Yoke!)


We, the body of Christ must be that support system for the world which will lead them to the saving and sustaining power of the Lord.  However, we must leave the “shore”… which is our comfort zones: and venture into the water….where the fish are… and the swift flowing undercurrents are prevailing.  We must be equipped with endtime strategies and the ability to implement them. 


The undercurrents have shifted –therefore we must modify and fortify the anchors of our minds; to assure our success and to make certain that we will not become the next victim … swept away … and caught off guard by an oncoming, rapidly approaching, swift moving current!


Yes, the undercurrents have shifted and have also shaken the very foundations of principles, administrations, and integrity.    I challenge you to begin today to seek the face of God as never before.  Permit the Holy Spirit to catapult your entire being to a dimension that will equip you with the necessary wisdom to prevail now and in the days ahead.  Preparation is a vital anchor needed to withstand the shifting of every undercurrent!  Again I ask… ARE YOU READY!!


“But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place……”.  Luke 21:36 (ESV)

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