The Walking Bible

The Walking Bible

“Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men:” II Corinthians 3:2


A while ago I was given the privilege of facilitating the workshop at a Sunday School Conference.  Their theme for the year was “The Walking Bible”.  So today, I’ll share a few of the key points and fully discuss them at a later date.

We must always remember that everyone who has accepted Christ as their Saviour is a Walking Bible.  However, our effectiveness is dependent upon our relationship with the Lord; and our ability to permit that relationship to govern our lives.   Our every move and decision reveals the impact that God – through His Word, has made on our lives. Although we’ve made adjustments and transformations – if the truth were to be told…..we still have a lot of work to do….and unresolved “issues” still lingering around.  If we were to take into account the amount of time – the years; that we have been saved; and measure it to our effectiveness in the realm of the spirit; the results usually would register very poorly and possibly even non - effective!

Four of the issues that were discussed are: Pride, Ignorance, Fear, and A Need for Mind Renewal.  This group is the foundational platform which anchors all of the reasons and excuses that we state for our lack of effectiveness as a Walking Bible. 

PRIDE: In most of our lives the spirit of pride has so “cloaked” itself, that we can’t even realize that it’s still there.  We can always observe this spirit in others – yet rarely recognize it in our own lives. We also have failed to realize how the spirit has poisoned or blemished our testimony; thus nullifying its effectiveness!

IGNORANCE: How much do we really know about Christianity?  Do you just know “about” your Bible? What about any background or historical information concerning the cult of Christianity?  Can you dialect with anyone from another religion and intelligently defend your religious beliefs and convictions?  Can you relay pertinent information about who you believe God to be…. using “non-religious” language and phrases? 

FEAR: This is another multifaceted stone.  At the initial onset, most people would declare that they don’t have this issue.  However, when we really begin to dissect this spirit, we will realize that the spirit of fear is still more prevalent in our lives than we are aware of.

A NEED FOR MIND RENEWAL: I’ll just briefly state this, we are now living in the age of : ipads, ipods, tablets, micro-chips, Air Pods, ear buds, mobile banking and the like.  Have you been mentally upgraded?  Are you still using spiritual tactics that are harmonious a typewriter using a cloth ribbon?

As I previously stated: “We are all walking Bibles”.  However we must be more determine to take the proper measures that would enhance our effectiveness in this age.  The unsaved need us to make that undeniable impression upon their lives that will cause them to reconsider their current spiritual condition.

Our goal now must be to exemplify that type of Walking Bible that will cause our God to be glorified…..and the enemy horrified!!!

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