“There’s A New Prophetic Sound for 2020 …. Have you heard it?”
“I will sing a new song to you, O God…..” Psalm 144:9


As we enter this year of 2020 (or continue with the year 5780 according to Judaism) again I ask the question “What do you hear?”. An entirely new sound has been dispatched from the heavens and it is still seeking new: committed, excited, and submitted vessels This sound is seeking to reside within these vessels and cultivate within them the ability to connect in the realm of the spirit to other like-minded vessels. In this season, we will be more aware of our impact in and to the kingdom of darkness.

Especially in this now, in this year of the double, we must listen with the ear of our spirit for additional new chords…new blends… new complex chords. As we hear, we must receive into our spirit-man the revelatory sounds which will usher us into a new prophetic time of worship. This type of worship will empower us with the grace to experience the double. Our number one weapon during this end -time season is worship. Not the worship of times past, but an enhanced worship which is capable of permitting us to receive from the Lord the end-time strategy, power, grace and favor. That strategy which will bring a total transformation of our thought patterns, methodologies and “religious” convictions. That strategy which will usher us through economic crises, atmospheric irregularities and terroristic threats. That strategy which will enable us to remain totally focused and unmovable in the midst of every adversity. That strategy that will permit us to be engulfed with the peace and presence of God – regardless. That strategy which will provide to us the ability to transcend this atmosphere and enter into the “Courts of Heaven”…above the battle field of demonic and satanic activity. We will now as a result of becoming aware of where we are, participate in supernatural judgements and rulings.

As we begin to receive, it then becomes our responsibility to share the essence of the new chord and to instruct others in the proper disciplinary spiritual insights, which are required for them to become “new vessels” within the realm of the Earth.

As this new sound is received here on earth, then blended by many, we will once again release it back to the Lord during corporate worship as well as during personal times of intimacy with Him. Upon its ascension, it is heard as one voice; one perfected sound unto the Lord. Although in the realm of the spirit-we may hear several complexed chords, they will still ascend as one voice; one perfected praise unto the Lord.

This new sound, once we have received it into our spirits, will also enable our souls to become transformed into the expressed mind and will of God. Without the acknowledgement of this sound, our minds do not have the ability to embrace the “renewal process” (Romans 12:1). Without renewed minds we are not equipped with the necessary format nor the discipline to govern our bodies, and to bring them under the subjection of the Holy Spirit. We have no true revelation of how to become presented as a living sacrifice.
Even many more prophetic gatherings - true prophetic gatherings, are receiving the manifestation and the divine presence of the Lord as never before, simply because they have heard the new sound. Doubled angelic appearances, doubled gold dust manifestations already this year!

This new sound - prophetic in nature, has no limits and no boundaries! Yet, its nature is disciplined, its character is divine and its application is strategic.
Leaders, Warriors, Overcomers… it’s 2020…this year of the double….. and yet another new sound has been released…..Have You Heard It?

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