Think Outside of the Box…

Because The Details Matter

In the beginning, God CREATED….. Genesis 1:1


The Lord our God is a God of who is greatly concerned about the details.  Details reveal and enhance the complexity of a substance.  The details also reveal the complexity of the creator of that substance.  In other words, they also shed a light on the in-depthness or the simplicity of the mind of the creator.   Therefore, the more detailed a: thought, concept, production or object – the more it displays the intricacy of the mind of the one who has produced it.

We must always remember that every attack that we encounter is directed towards our minds.  So, because every attack is aimed at the mind; we must continually guard our minds.  Our minds must be protected from whatever or whomever may attempt to: disable, disallow, demolish, discourage, stomp out, cage in, cancel and bring to nought…. our God given gift of creativity. 

Why do people perish without a vision?  One of the reasons is because the manifestation of their vision is the end result of what their minds have had an ability to create.  When we lose or don’t develop a vision; we are not permitting our minds to reproduce.  Our minds lose the ability to function as that of our Father God; that master creator!  We fail to use those components of our DNA that are identical (in composition but not in magnitude) to His.

Why are demonic influences really directed towards our minds?  In addition to the obvious; we can’t rule out the notion that demonic influences also attempt to override our creativity.  For an example, if the enemy can cause someone to think that they have no victory in a given situation – then they will never hear the voice of the Holy Spirit when He attempts to show them how to CREATE a way of escape! 

God has created man with a free will.  However, the enemy wants to override God’s plan, and to control our minds.  Witchcraft is simply a demonic influence that attempts to do what God himself won’t do….. And that is to suppress our creativity and to control our minds by domination, manipulation and humiliation!

Therefore, every detail does matter…..Simply because every detail reveals another dimension of the complexity of our awesome, God!

So dare to be different! Permit your spirit to be liberated and available to produce what God has given unto you to reveal for this season.  Age is not a criteria – God still desires to use your mind to create devices and avenues for such a time as this. Then we will have the ability to use them to manifest the exposure to endtime: strategies, inventions, solutions etc.. God is waiting to catapult your level of creativity to a dimension that you have not previously known. However… He needs you to be more creative  -  and to think “outside of the box”.   

Trust God….every detail does matter.  Above all…every “unexpressed” detail, may be that missing link needed, to permit you to successfully reign as an endtime warrior!

“Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous--how well I know it.”  Psalm 139:14 (NLT)

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