Ungodly Fear Steals Our Valuable Time

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”   II Timothy 1:7


One of the most valuable tools that we as warriors have at our disposal is time. Strategies and strategic maneuvers are only effective when implemented at their correct timing. On more occasions than we realize, ungodly fear is the underlying culprit for both our delays and our hasty decisions.

In this season, we must stay alert in the realm of the spirit so that we can first recognize this spirit of fear and then uproot it. We must not become distracted with “important – unimportant” issues.

A sharpened discernment is required if we are going to be effective against this current move of the enemy on our family members, our young people, our friends…. and everyone that we are concerned about.  Our list of priorities must be initiated by the Holy Spirit and governed by His wisdom. 

As the end of time as we now know it rapidly approaches, we must understand that various demonic spirits will mask themselves as never before.  For example, we must recognize that the reason that many of our young people are dishonoring their bodies with the various markings and piercings is because they battling with the spirits of rejection and of course “fear”.  They are looking for a sense of “belonging”; and they fear not being accepted.   Also many Leaders are overly taxed by becoming involved in too many “ministry” areas that they are not commissioned by the Lord to do in this season…. Not realizing that the spirit of fear is the true underlying shyster!

Therefore, we must be able to discern these and other end-time moves of the enemy.   However, this type of discernment is only released in us as we completely surrender our minds unto the Lord.  It is imperative that our minds be elevated and be totally renewed from every residue that is yet attempting to linger and cause a breach or break in stability.  We must learn to operate in a spirit of total and instant obedience to the voice of the Lord. This type of obedience is produced by love and discipline – not fear;  and is vital.   This type of obedience also produces in us a sense of “readiness” which prepares us to be more “pro” active… instead of “re” active!

I also hear the Lord saying that now it is of the utmost importance that seasoned warriors maintain an alertness in their spirits that can only be produced by a disciplined ear - disciplined to hear my voice said the Lord and obey my commands- even when I don't audibly speak!

So value your time and your timing.  Your adversary will attempt to cause you waste time in the realm of the spirit by placing emergency situations in your presence. These will attempt to alarm you to the point that you will lose your focus; thus opening the doorway for the spirit of fear to re-enter.  Warriors! You must know that you are only to respond to any situation, as you are led by the spirit of the Lord - especially when a "crisis" arises. The Lord is saying that we must remember although events may startle us and surprise us; He has already known about them before the foundation of this world! So don't waste time by becoming entangled with “last minute” situations and circumstances.   Stay so connected to the Lord that you will recognize the warning signs that He gives to you prior to the onset of “apparent” tragedies, crisis and the like.   Many of these are only coming to you as a distraction in an attempt to cause you to momentary divert your attention - thus causing you to miss your strategically planned timing.

Learn to recognize ungodly fear.  Locate its access.  Then aggressively advance to eradicate it; to seal its entrance; and to replace that spirit with the power and the authority of God.  

As always, stay focused and refuse to be victimized and to waste valuable time; by any invasion of ungodly fear. 

“… After all, we don’t want to unwittingly give Satan an opening for yet more mischief - we’re not oblivious to his sly ways!”             II Corinthians 2:11 (The Message Bible)

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