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Walk In Boldness & Confidence…. No More “Cubic Zirconia” Gems

Walk In Boldness & Confidence….
No More “Cubic Zirconia” Gems
“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” ….. Psalm 139:14
God has not designed, nor produced anything that is not authentic. However, far too often we in the body of Christ have been “hoodwinked” into thinking that we must pattern, copy and mimic the actions of others. We fail to realize that God has created each of us uniquely different. It is His desire that we examine the life of Christ in every aspect; and configure our lives according to the example that He has displayed and not the lives of one another.

I am reminded of the time when I was looking through one of my copies of Vogue magazine. One thing that was very prevalent was this - each designer displayed their own unique style. Their creativity was boldly exhibited as they dared to be different. Not one of the designers attempted to copy or to mirror the ideas or handiwork of their fellow artists. Something else that was very obvious was the fact that it didn’t matter who did or didn’t appreciate, applaud or accept their creations – they still dared to be that original designer; and they used their creative ability to the fullest!

We must remember that God has not created any cubic zirconia gems! What is a spiritual cubic zirconia gem?
1.  It is an imposter, an imitator and an impressionist in the realm of the spirit.
2.  It is one who pretends to be something that they are not.
3.  It is one who thinks that they must walk, talk, shout, preach, etc. - exactly like someone else.
4.  It is one who has failed to realize that God has created them to be an original…designed just for Him – and not the carbon copy of another.
5.  It is one who has permitted the enemy to convince them to participate in actions of “self – sabotage”; therefore, making themselves of no threat to his kingdom!

So.... I challenge you to dare to be unique! Not arrogant, boastful, or heady; but boldly confident in whom God has created you to be. We must always adhere and conform to EVERYTHING that God has spoken and had recorded in our Bible. If we are going to be successful as endtime warriors – we must decide to give the Holy Spirit permission to use our creative ability. Why settle for being a cheap copy – when you can be a costly original? Come from behind that mask and refuse to be hindered any longer in those areas where you sense insecurity! God is waiting for you to begin to display what He has placed in you.

No one can beat you at being you. The world needs what the Lord has placed inside of you. Be determine to an authentic diamond (maybe still needing to be refined – but that’s okay!) and not a cubic zirconia gem. Remember….The time is now….. and the person is YOU! Come out of your box… and dare to be authentically you!

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