We Are Soldiers--Made to Endure!!
“So Let Us Not Be Weary….
We Will Reap –If We Don’t Quit”

“So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.” Galatians 6:9 (The Message Bible)

Happy Memorial Day! This day has been established here in America; to honor those who have sacrificed their lives on behalf of our country. As soldiers, one of the key mindsets that must be developed is the mindset of endurance. Through every circumstance, through every situation; they are taught and trained to endure.

So it is with us – as soldiers in the Lord’s army. Be encouraged! Your journey may have been long and the nights sleepless. However, just remember that God will always prove Himself to be faithful. Whatever He has promised … it SHALL, and it MUST come to pass (Numbers 23:19).

Endurance is the key at this stage of the game. Change = Endurance. The more drastic the change, the more intense will be the level of endurance. When we begin to think about that word endurance– we must immediately relate it to some sort of battle, struggle or adverse condition. The Greek word for endure (hupomeno); is defined as: “to preserve: under misfortunes and trials, to hold fast to one's faith.” Therefore, if there are no opposing forces, or conflicting circumstances then there would not be anything to press through – there would be no reason to “endure”.

When we look at a bowl of fruit, it may very well be balanced and neatly arranged. However, at that state, the fruit which is just sitting in a bowl, is not serviceable. It is not fulfilling its purpose. Even though it has endured and weathered various stages to arrive at its present state, it still hasn’t reaped the benefit for which it was created. Now, if the fruit is going to be consumed, it must still undergo even more changes. It must be transformed so that it will obtain the ability to be totally useful and beneficial.

We, like the fruit which is sitting in a bowl, must endure and not become: fatigued, worn-out, drained….weary. Therefore, we must keep that spirit which causes us to become weary “at arm’s length” by considering the following:

1. Establish realistic – yet challenging immediate and long terms goal. It doesn’t matter what your age range may be; you must still live a life with expectations and goals.
2. Focus on your whole man: spirit, soul and body. Sometimes we become weary because there is no balance in our lives. Remember….There is no substitute for maintaining healthy eating habits, and getting the proper amount of rest and relaxation.
3. Broaden your circle to include more diversity. Everyone that you are connected to should not look to you for advice, nor dress like you, nor patronize the same merchants, etc. Add more diversity.
4. Change = Endurance…..and Endurance also = Change! Although there are certain daily routines which we must adhere to; if we are to avoid becoming weary….. and endure; then we must incorporate some level of change on a regular basis.
5. Keep your mind renewed and synchronized with the word of God.

It IS our due season…. However we will only reap our harvest if we continue to ENDURE every facet of change as a good soldier (2 Timothy 2:3), and be determined to EMBRACE every stage of change and…. not give up….. nor become weary.

Reflex on this chorus from times past whose meaning is applicable to both the spiritual and the natural realm:
We Are Soldiers
We are soldiers, In the army. We have to fight; Although we have to die.
We got to hold up the blood stained banner,
We got to hold it up until we die!

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  • HalleluYAH, yes Lord. Thank you and Bless you Bishop Claudia for sharing this powerful word and teaching with us on today. Love you

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