What is the Mordecai Mandate

What Is The Mordecai Mandate


Loving God and Others: 

Engaging in the Public Square: 

Speaking Out Against Corruption: 

Exposing Injustice: 

Standing in the Face of Intimidation and Threats: 

Standing in the Gap for the People: 

Being Informed and Prepared: 

Speaking the Word of the Lord: 

Becoming an Ambassador of National Prayer: 


Mordecai paved the way for his people (the Jews), With breakthrough prayers and appointments in the community square. His persistence and perseverance during uncertainties and threats show a man with a mandate – an assignment from the Lord. His story reveals several strategic keys for effective prayer and engagement as we seek wisdom and discernment in confronting wickedness in high places.  Mordecai Mandate – this commission to stand in the gap, take action, and be an example that will inspire and motivate others to be change agents in our communities and nation.  Mordecai illustrates the truth of Psalm 75:7, “It is God who judges: / He brings one down, he exalts another,” and Psalm 147:6, “The LORD sustains the humble / but casts the wicked to the ground.” Mordecai’s faithfulness and integrity put him in good stead with the king of Persia, and his concern for his Jewish compatriots brought the blessing of God.

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