What type of fruit are you producing?

 Perennials or Annuals?

You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain….. John 15:16


One of the advantages of living in this region is that we have the opportunity to experience the distinct changes in the weather temperatures.  Accompanying those “seasons” are also a variety of flowers.  Some of which are classified as perennials, while others as annuals.  Both are capable of producing an array of blooming plants.  Although many will continue to bloom throughout the summer – with the arrival of the colder temperatures the distinction will be revealed.  


Perennials are those faithful plants that are able to endure the winter temperatures and remain unaffected by the cold. It doesn’t matter how bitterly cold the temperatures, nor how much snow falls during the winter season; those perennials will return year, after year, after year.  Even some of the early spring perennials will begin to bloom in the snow – because they have been made to endure.


Now on the other hand we have those annuals.  These are the flowering plants that we must purchase yearly.  Although many can endure the heat of the summer – when the temperatures begin to dip  – so will they.  These tend to be those “fussy” plants.  Some of them like and thrive in the sunny sections of the garden; while others enjoy the shadier sections.   Some enjoy daily waterings; while others will survive the heat of the summer days.  Nevertheless, they are beautiful – but only for one season.  It doesn’t matter what type of soil you plant them in, nor the mixture of food you give to them – when the temperatures begin to change – so will they.


Now… at this point you should already be able to anticipate the questions for today….which are:

  1. What type of plant do you believe yourself to be perennial or annual?
  2. What type would others consider you to be?
  3. What facts or truths can be presented as evidence to support or confirm your status?
  4. What would be the basis for your responses?


God has equipped us ALL to be “Perennial Saints”.  (II Timothy 2:3). His desire and plan for us is that we learn how to “take a lick and keep on tickin”.  We must never permit the “winter season” in our lives to have the ability to prevent us from being the: faithful, dependable, loyal, committed, dedicated and true person that God has already fortified us to be.


While I’m not a farmer, I do know that fruit trees are perennials!  Therefore, if I am going to produce fruit in the realm of the spirit – I must be able to endure – as a good soldier.  The Bible declares that we will be known by the fruit that we produce (Matthew 7:16).  However, you can’t plant an apple tree today and receive apples tomorrow. (Normally!!)  Likewise, in the realm of the spirit. If we are going to produce fruit for the kingdom, then we must LEARN to be perennials – and endure until we have produced the fruit that God has programmed us to manifest.


We can also learn another lesson from plants.  I have these tulips (perennials) in my yard that faithfully return yearly.  However, because I don’t go through the trouble of digging them up every year; (which would give them a chance to rest) – and replanting them  … each year when they return… they will bloom.   Yet the blooms are decreased in size yearly.  The change was gradual and barely noticeable for the first year or two.  Nevertheless, when I look at my lawn now over a period of many, many years, the tulips are much smaller than the newer purchased ones.  So what does this mean?  We must take the time to get our proper rest.  Far gone should be the times when we are permitting ourselves to work, and work and work – year in and year out and think that we will still be able to maintain and produce a maximum output.


I could continue with the comparison of Perennials and Annuals, however I’m sure that you’ve received the concept by now.


So, make the proper adjustments immediately; first to be a “Perennial Saint”.  Next, to establish a healthy regimen in the natural that will permit you with the ability to get the proper rest and vacation time….  That will avail you with the opportunity to be a fruit bearing tree. 


Lastly, pray that your fruit also will be perpetual in nature!

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