Who Does My Love Cover?

Who Does My Love Cover?

“Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.”     I Peter 4:8


I’m reminded of an illustration that I saw many years ago concerning God’s love for us – and how we are to mirror the same.  The love of God has no boundaries, limitations or restrictions.   His love is totally unconditional and transcends every sin that we could ever imagine.  He has a love for ALL of mankind and so desires for us to: first be recipients of that love…and then to share it with EVERYONE that we encounter.


Now, for the most part, we have no real issue or reserve assuming the position of the one who is the recipient of any expression of love.  However, we then at times, become like the unmerciful person in Matthew 18:33 . When God extends His love to us and forgives us – we fail to permit that same virtue to permeate our spirits.  We will often become judgmental, analytical, insensitive and downright hypercritical concerning the application of that same love towards the faults and failures of others.


In the illustration that I mentioned earlier; a person was placed in the center of the circle.  This person had several 3x5 cards pinned to them that bore the names of various sinful deeds and lifestyles.  Then another person had a very large quilt with only one card pinned to it. This one card read, “God’s Love”. The quilt; which had the words, “God’s Love” on it was large enough to completely cover the person who was sitting in the circle.  The quilt was placed over the person who was sitting in the middle of the circle. This person, seated in the circle; who bore the titles of various sins; could no longer be seen because they were completely covered with the quilt entitled “God’s Love”! Was the person still in the center? Yes.  But they couldn’t be seen  nor their sins/faults because God’s Love (the quilt) had completely covered them!


So I ask you.. Whom does your love cover?  Do you have the love of God that is COMPLETELY unconditional? Or…do you make excuses for the boundaries and the stipulations that you’ve placed on what “you call” God’s love?  We must boldly stand for those who have not yet had the ability to experience the love of God.   Once someone has encountered the true love of God –they will turn to Him…and “HE” will bring the deliverance.  He will give them the ability and desire to turn totally unto Him.  (Note: Now don’t get it twisted! While we are never to make provisions for, nor sanction any acceptance of sinful acts or the ungodly lifestyles of others; we must learn how to DEMONSTRATE genuine, unconditional love to all –despising the sin, but not the sinner.)


Remember that God needs US…the body of Christ to SHOW.. not just talk and sing about His love.  I’m often asked about the connections that I have with certain groups of people.  My response is always – if I don’t show them God’s love….then who will? 


Let’s be more adamant in our daily walk concerning our love walk.  The world is in dire need of true love.  And…. Yes, they are looking for this love in all of the wrong places.  However, when they do come to the right place, which is the house of the Lord; and when they encounter the correct people – who are US, the current day disciples of Christ….. Will they find the love of God … that covers?  We have what they need – but we must be willing to let go of our prideful mindsets, then venture outside of the walls of our buildings, and “SHOW some real love”.


So….. Ask yourself, “Do I permit the love of God that dwells within me to cover everyone? ” 

           If not…..why not?



 “….. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.  John 8:11

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  • To God be the glory!!!!

  • Thank you, and bless you Apostle Claudia Boatwright for this powerful message about God's Agape Love. We truly 🙌 appreciate it.

    Thank you for your daily bread/manna 🍞 that uplifts,  motivates, activates, and encourages us all into the Kingdom of God.

    May you have an Awesome night 🌙 on Purpose, Godnight, Agape. 💓💤😊

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