Who"s Really In Control?

It’s A Control Issue
Who’s REALLY in Control???
“…But He endured the cross” Hebrews 12:2

In a previous post, I briefly mentioned a powerful trio that I stated we would see again. I’ve discovered that the implementation of this trio is one of the keys that will unlock the door to success in every arena. The three words in question which compose the trio are: Patience, Focus and Endurance. I would like to encourage you to research these words, apply their meanings to your everyday life, and you will observe a vast difference.

One of the areas where a number of people need the most developing is patience. We have a tendency to stand beside a microwave and become disturbed that it’s taking too long! I would even dare to say that most of the adversities that we have encountered have been because we have attempted to advance at the incorrect time. We became like Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 16)….and produced an Ismael! Patience = Trust. The display of patience (or the lack of it) is an outward indication of our inward countenance. Who’s really in control? If the correct person is in control – we can do as David did and wait on the Lord (Psalm 40:1).

However, as I wait – I must not lose sight of where I’m going. I must remain FOCUSED!! Regardless of any detour signs, apparent road blocks, potholes, and bumps along the way – I must stay focused! I must remember that all of these have been assigned to me because the enemy is trying to distract me….and God is attempting to advance me to my next place. However, if I can’t maintain my focus now – why should I be given more? So I ask the question again…. Who’s really in control? My ability to remain focused in the midst of chaotic situations and long bouts of intense trials or warfare will tell the story! (Philippians 3:14)

Endurance! The word alone informs me that I’m going to meet opposition. My ability to reach my goal is contingent upon my ability to remember that I’m not running a “50 yard dash”! I must learn to “pace” myself, not become overwhelmed and never quit. Our race is long, our journey through high mountains, and low terrains. Alone – but not lonely. Difficult but not impossible. Who’s really in control? Your ability to endure – as a good soldier – will reveal the answer. (II Timothy 2:3)

These three words when properly applied, will allow us to be anchored in, and to discover God’s true design for our lives. The strength of my durability (endurance) relies on my ability to not become frustrated (patience) and to keep my eye on my God’s appointed destination (focus) for me.

So, it’s truly a control issue. How did Christ endure all that He encountered? It was because He KNEW that His Father was really in control of His life and that the outcome of every situation would bring His Father glory (Romans 8:28).

Who is really governing the control center of your mind as you make the decisions concerning your daily life? Do you…without a shadow of a doubt even KNOW who’s really in control of your life?

As the saying states; “Actions speak louder than words.” Again I ask the question;
Who is really controlling your life?………..Your reactions during your next seemingly impossible situation, your reactions when faced adversity, your reactions when: betrayed, falsely accused, or ridiculed; will surely reveal the true “Chief Commanding Officer”.
Remember: your ability to remain patient, to focus and to endure…. WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH!

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  • Apostle Clauda

    Blessings that was a powerful teaching and i love it. Any believer who has these qualities has the 

    mark of Spiritual Maturity. 

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