Yes Again!!!

YES! .... Your Test Will Be Given…. AGAIN! 

“The Season & The Time”

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

                                                                                                                     Ecclesiastics 3:1 



We are all aware of the fact that everything in nature is governed by at least two elements; one of those being “its season”.  However, what is of a graver importance is the “TIMING” within the season.  Far too often our focus has only been directed towards our season; while ignoring the fact that “our timing” is just as relevant.

Solomon (the accredited) author of the book of Ecclesiastics; and the wisest man that the world has ever known, specifically focused on both…. the season and the time.   He said that everything has a season and within that season – there is a designated time when its purpose will be revealed, manifested and fulfilled.

In many instances, simply because we haven’t advanced at the correct time – we have not accomplished our expected results.  Therefore, some of us have continued to enter into “our season” over, and over again; yet, we know that we haven’t received all that God has in store for us!

So, your test will be given AGAIN!  The retest!  Have you noticed that there is one situation or circumstance that continues to occur in your life… year after year?  Different day…. Different month…. Different people involved….. but the same basic situation?  That’s because God is testing you …. AGAIN! You keep failing the test…. So our patient God is simply giving you the “makeup exam”!   God… as always…. is giving you an opportunity to pass the test.   As I often say; God doesn’t have a “No child left behind policy”!  He will permit us to continue to experience the same situation … for a lifetime if necessary …until we accomplish the results that He is requiring of us.  He is always scheduling and aligning situations and circumstances in some of the areas of our lives that we have previously encountered - unsuccessfully.  Our “make-up” test will require that we focus more on our “timing”.   So as you operate in this season – don’t omit the necessity to align your timing …. And to incorporate it into the equation.   Don’t lose your focus this time.  Be fully aware of “emergency” situations or “accidents”!  These are only  sent from the kingdom of darkness in an attempt to distract you.  Remember there are no such occurrences in the realm of the Spirit!!!

YES! It is our season….however, we must make certain that we are walking choreographically aligned and synchronized to God’s timetable for us…within this season…. to prevent failing the test again… and having to be retested….AGAIN!

“There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth…”    Ecclesiastics 3:1 (AMP)


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