You Are A Magnet….But What Are You Attracting?
“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32


A while ago, I had heard about a young man who had a small magnet implanted into his finger. He stated that this implant gives him the ability to feel electrical currents that are undetectable to the naked eye but ever present. He is very brilliant and attributes his ability to obtain superior knowledge to the energy which is produced from this implanted magnet.

Of course, my mind immediately began to compare his implant with the “implant” that we who are believers in Christ have. The more I heard about the details and effects of those magnetic implants that many people are getting – the more I began to relate them to OUR Spiritual “implant”.

Since you, as a believer, have the Holy Spirit living and abiding – “implanted” within you – what are you permitting His power that dwells within you to attract? Think about it for a minute. Unlike the magnet’s power which is uncontrollable – we are in complete control of our implant’s ability to effectively function.

Are you permitting the power of the Holy Ghost to attract to you those who could really benefit from your experiences and your love for Him? Are you attracting those who can assist you and increase you in some fashion; instead of decreasing or attempting to diminish who you are? Also, have you attracted the attention of the enemy? Does he regret when you arrive on a scene and stand in wonder of what you are permitting the power of the Holy Ghost in you to do against his kingdom?

The question is not if, but what. We are all attracting something. However, we must make certain that we are allowing our “ magnetic energies” to be governed and directed by the Word of God.

Colossians 3:16a tells us to let the word of God dwell richly within us. When we apply this notion we will be certain that we are attracting only what will be beneficial to the kingdom of God….as well as to bring destruction to every diabolical plot, plan and scheme.

Some of the synonyms for the word attract are: appeal, fascinate, draw, invite, to catch the attention of, exert a pull on and to be the magnet for.

So again I ask the question, “What are you attracting”? Consider those in your inner circle, those with whom you fellowship, your business and personal relationships. What are you attracting? The power of the Holy Ghost that dwells within us has made available to us an inexhaustible
magnetic current. This current has given to us the ability to have the identical effectiveness that Christ had! (With an even greater magnitude!) I challenge you to permit your magnetism to be directed solely by the power of the Holy Ghost.

It’s time that we make our realizations more personal. I need to remember that in this season God needs to use ME as never before. Therefore, I must begin to focus more on what I am attracting to make certain that what I am attracting is permitting me to be a total asset to the Kingdom of God.

I’m reminded of the lyrics of an old hymn entitled, “Lift Him Up”. If we lift up Jesus, then the magnetic power of the Holy Ghost that’s within us, will be used to draw people unto the Father!


Lift Him Up
(Johnson Oatman, Jr., 1903)

1. How to reach the masses, men of every birth, For an answer, Jesus gave the key:
“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, Will draw all men unto Me.”
o Refrain: Lift Him up, lift Him up;
Still He speaks from eternity: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth,
Will draw all men unto Me.”
2. Oh! the world is hungry for the Living Bread, Lift the Savior up for them to see;
Trust Him, and do not doubt the words that He said, “I’ll draw all men unto Me.”
3. Don’t exalt the preacher, don’t exalt the pew, Preach the Gospel simple, full, and free;
Prove Him and you will find that promise is true, “I’ll draw all men unto Me.”
4. Lift Him up by living as a Christian ought, Let the world in you the Savior see;
Then men will gladly follow Him Who once taught, “I’ll draw all men unto Me.”

I wonder “WHO” will help me lift Jesus?????? (Does anyone remember this part!!!)

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