You’re An Eagle – So Soar HIGHER!

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 


There was a time when many of life’s lessons were taught to children through various Bible stories or through secular tales and fables.  One of my most remembered stories is the one entitled, “The Ugly Duckling”.  To summarize the entire story; there was one “duckling” that was drastically unlike the other little ducklings.  It just didn’t belong.   It didn’t matter what it attempted to do; as a duckling… it was a complete failure.   However one day, this duckling saw another group of birds.   He seemed very comfortable and related to them very well.  Long story short… This so called duckling finally discovered that it wasn’t an ugly duckling as it had been labeled and wasn’t really a duck at all – but a swan….a beautiful swan!

Sometimes in our lives we are not progressing simply because we are attempting to force ourselves into conforming to a standard that is totally contrary to our natural composure.  As a child of the most high God, you are called to be an eagle.  You are called to extend your wings, to lift your head, and to soar high above any and every obstruction.  Many of us are still possessing the mentally and character traits of a common pigeon.  We gather on the ground in clusters, and flutter from one crumb to the next.

An eagle is the only bird that loves a storm.  Other birds will flee from storms; however the eagle will fly into a storm.  They will allow the winds from the storm to quickly lift them higher. When in a storm, an eagle will lock its wings in place, soar to a height higher than the storm, and enjoy the ride.

So when you’re in a storm – because you are an eagle…….focus on the Word of God and nothing else. Rebuke fear. Then you will have the peace to extend your wings and ride above the storm!

Eagles have keen vision, are fearless, tenacious, nurturing, full of vitality, and love to fly in high altitudes.  So in spite of how you may view yourself or how others view you – you are an eagle.  An eagle also has an extremely wide wingspan. It is because the eagle’s wingspan is so wide – they can’t be cramped into a small area. 

I would like to encourage you to extend your wings and soar!  The place where you are attempting to fly probably doesn’t possess the space that is required for you to open your wings and to soar!   Nothing else matters today other than the fact that you KNOW that you are an eagle.  Therefore as an eagle refuse to be bound any longer.  As an eagle, face every storm head on.  As an eagle, stand fearless in your place of dominion and exercise your authority. As an eagle, know how to revitalize yourself so that your strength will be renewed.

Lastly, eagles are comfortable being alone.  However when they flock they do so with other eagles (Iron sharpen iron – Proverbs 27:17).   Let’s not forget to take advantage of the vast array of materials that the Lord has made available to enhance your growth. We DO possess within us the DNA of an eagle!  Be determined that from today forward you will only view yourself as an eagle.  Don’t become heady or arrogant… But bold and confident!  Then be unwavering in your conclusion…… and soar yourself through a lifetime of victories!

So as an eagle ….   Spread your wings…… RUN your own race and don’t become weary;

As an eagle… endure your course and DON’T FAINT!!!

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