Chuck D. PierceDear Glory Movers:

This past weekend was just incredible. The overall word was "This is a season of Glory Change!" Ask the Lord about the changes coming into your life. Can you receive a new move of His Glory?

Below is a prophetic word that came forth Sunday morning. Also notice the picture reflecting the "dragon storms" moving across the United States when this word was being given.

"A Glory Change I'm Bringing Into the Land!"

"This is not the same as you've seen in the past. This is not the same as what you've asked for in other seasons. This is a different Glory – a Glory change that I'm bringing into the land! You will shudder at the changes that are on the way in your land and in other lands and with other people!

"For this is a time that the blood that runs deep will now be sanctified. This is a time that My Spirit will go deeper than I have gone in the past. For this is a time of birthing what is new, but yet bringing forth that which is old, and treasures will erupt! Treasures will erupt! Treasures will erupt!

"I will bring forth what has not been seen, and I will cause your gifts to come alive in ways they've never come alive. You will feel the shuddering birthing pains within you, and from that you will bring to birth the change that is necessary for you to enter into this season.

"So know this: Dragons are on the move, and even the Great Dragon is now mounting up. Nations that will align are now aligning. So watch carefully and look deep into the circumstances around you. For these are days of great change.

"Watch the signs on your road for your road is now changing. New opportunities are coming. Watch now, for I will realign your path!"

Three Dragon StormsNote: According to Airing NewsThis is a really unusual weather situation, according to the National Weather Service: Three low pressure systems in line over the entirety of North America. NASA Goddard describes them as "three atmospheric dragons." (Photo via Airing News)


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

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  • WOW!!

  • I'm watching and I'm paying very close attention to the signs. I'm expecting a great big epic turn around for the better change a everything positive change, everything good and perfect a godly change in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
  • I accept  in Jesus Name  Amen and Amen.

  • Wonderful reading, Amen!!!  "A Glory Change I'm Bringing Into the Land!"..Thank you Lord.. for the opportunity to do this for you...

  • This is a season of Glory change is awesome I feel that thing in my spirit I know that there is a shift in me and I feel such a great change in me. The glory change there is a birthing going on inside me my desires have changed a mind shift has erupted in me and it is all about kingdom building. The photo of the three atmospheric dragons has wowed me and my take away is " watch the signs on your road for your road is now changing. New opportunities are coming. Watch now, for I will realign your path" I literally feel that is what is happening to me.

  • Agree yes.
  • Amen.So inspiring. 

  • Amen, Glory, birthing , change, treasures, new opportunities

  • I am excited about the new path God has placed me on. I have learned to truly embrace my calling and not to be fearful.God has chosen me for such a time as this.
  • Lord I'm ready for the glory change.Have your way Lord.
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