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    Happy Bless B-day Apostle Lang, may the Lord make all your plans succeed, and may the Lord grant all your prayer request. May you obtain nothing but Abundance on today..
  • Praise our Father ELOHEM my Brother from another mother, Pastor Lang. You are not just what you say. You Say what you mean. I thank my DADDY for You. I love the things that you put on Face Book and how you encourage many including me. In this Spiritual warfare believe this I got your back. Continue with your humble Spirit and tearing down those strong holds. I'm proud that I'm part of the new army rising, We are going to break every chains. AMEN!!!!

  • Blessings, Platinum Eagles " New Beginnings " Behold he will do a new thing in YOU!
  • I have been so blessed by you and the anointing on your life.
  • Yellow Ribbon
  • God Bless you Pastor Lang this is your official welcome from me evangelist LaTanya. I'm so excited for you all , because this class pour sooooooo much into my spirit there are no words to describe....so enjoy the journey KPE !

  • Praise Our Almighty Father Pastor Christopher and my brother from another mother. thank you so very much for giving me this great and powerful gift. Now I feel apart of a real,caring,powerful,awesome family.I know that I was different from my own family and so call friends. I always was a loner and walk alone. I never felt love or love myself. But yet I would people please to get the love i always seek. When I started to seek the God I first heard about since I was 7yrs old. Finally I know him and now He placed my in a Big Beautiful School with Powerful Mother Teachers who says I AM A RUBY and not only that I can transform into A Platinum Eagle. THANKS SO MUCH! Watch out Philly I'm Flying. Agape. 

  • Blessings new students, to your first day and new week of class. This RED ribbon symbolize that you are Royalty, Rubies, and KINGS and QUEENS Platinum Eagles. Get ready for an OVERFLOW, AGAPE~~~
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