• Because Peter was walking in the holy spirit all the time, not in the flesh, everything about him was about God and God alone. And God allowed him to walk in that anointing because he fully trust God he was all about his father's work just like Jesus was.

  • I agree that Peter's faith was mighty and God's spirit was activated through his faith.

    Prophet Shaloria M. Mitchell said:
    Pastor Teyshana reading on peter and all that he was doing, how he proclaimed the gospel and advice the people. I came to the conclusion that it was all in his faith. Meaning he walked in the power of faith, having to believe Jesus can not fail. His shadow was a point of contact, like the bones of elisha or the hem of jesus garment the factthat they believe so much so in God, the power was uncanny. We should have so much faith in God til the moment we enter the room every demon should flee. Not our power or anointing but through believing having faith that god gives me power and his anointing to walk in makes all the difference. Because i can think i have power or the anointing but without believing God I cant do anything. I can see its a demon preaent but if i dont believe that god can get it out. What good am I. A person can have cancer but if i dont believe God can heal them i might as well keep my hands to myself.
  • Peter loved and believed in the Lord. Through Jesus he was anointed and his faith was mighty. Christ worked through Peter as one.
  • Yes, Phyllis.  Peter had faith in God.

    phyllis long said:

    Peter had faith and belived in god.Peter love gods people,and man after gods own heart.What he needed to remmber is its not about us but about jesus.

  • They knew God was using Peter because Peter was humble.  God walked with Peter. God's anointing was with Peter.  Peter was a humble man that was filled with God's spirit, with the power, and with wisdom. Peter had the anointing and the approval from God to reveal signs, miracles, and wonders. 

  • Peter had faith and belived in god.Peter love gods people,and man after gods own heart.What he needed to remmber is its not about us but about jesus.

  • Peter trust what GOD said and he obey what GOD said to do and Peter prayed fast and he walked in the Apostolic Anointing flow and Peter is healer just as JESUS did and that what he did he was obedience to GOD.

  • Peter walked in the apostolic anointing and prophetic flow and because the holy spirit walked with him is how the sick was healed by his shadow. Furthermore, HIS FAITH AND BELIEF IN GOD MADE THOSE MIRACLES HAPPEN HE TRUSTED GOD THEREFORE HE WAS ABLE TO SEE THE MANIFESTATIONS OF GOD COME TO PASS
  • Yes I believe we have the same Apostolic Anointing and Prophetic Flow. peter has that anointing and flow because of the Holy Spirit. We to possess that same power through the Holy Spirit that dwells inside of us. Jesus said thst we will do greater works that mean everything they did we are to do above and beyond that. Not by our power not to our might but by the Holy Spirit.
    Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... said:

    Blessings Platinum Eagles, I have a question, do you think you have right now the same Apostolic Anointing, and Prophetic Flow as Apostle Peter, when his shadow healed people? If so, please explain why?

  • I believe that Peter shadow healed the sick because of their faith, both Peter and the people. The people hello say in Peter to know then even his shadow could heal because they had witnessed him walk with Jesus and do miracles through in Jesus name. Now Peter at this point had the fullness of the Holy Spirit. He talk to the people after he received the Holy Ghost converted over 3000 start the church but before that he was in Jesus Culture. he did not dance who Jesus was because he walk with Jesus he watched Jesus do miracles. Peter was the first to acknowledge that he was truly the Son of God. Naturally P

    eter was impulsive he was strong willed he was bold he was even considered to be brass and he even denies Jesus. But tge Lord shaped and molded him to be the person that He intended himto be and when he became that person he walked in the fullness through the Holy Ghost. He knew who he was and what he can do through the HHoly Spirit.

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