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  • Lord thank you for waking all of us up again and blessing us with yet another beautiful day bless your name you are great 

  • Hallelujah glory to our Abba Father the holy one thank you for this day thank you Lord that we are all covered in you righteous blood, bless you Father 

  •  Good morning Lord God thank you for blessing me with another beautiful day father bless your holy name 

  • Thank you Lord for another beautiful day, and thank you for gracing me with your mercy and strength on today

  • Hallelujah thanking you Lord for another day of life in my body and my family body and all of my brothers and sisters in the world, father God I thank you first your strength all the time because I depend on it Father so I say thank you for your mercy

  • Hallelujah thank you Lord for this beautiful day father God and thank you Lord for this year, I heard a man of God say widen your mouth with wisdom this year 2020 and Ne'eman that's exactly what I will put into practice this year choose my words wisely 

  • Hallelujah thank you Lord for blessing us all with another day, and father on today just strengthen your people with your strength be our is weak so we need yours abba Father, speak in our ear and help to recognize your voice when it seem like the enemy is trying to make his move in Jesus Ne'eman 

  • Hallelujah praise your name God and thank you for waking all of us up this morning, thank you for your constant blessings in my life Lord I appreciate you and all the people that you have placed in my life to be a blessing, you are awesome Lord always making a way thank you my abba Father 

  • Hallelujah thank you Lord for allowing me to be blessed with another day, my God you are faithful thank you Elohim, thank you for all you done for me bless you 

  • Hallelujah praise the Lord for another beautiful day and allow me to see it, and hallelujah I continue to give you the praise Lord for giving me your strength on today hallelujah bless your name O God 

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