•  Apostle Peter walking in an amazing Apostolic authority. I believe that Peter learning to rest, and submit in God. Once he became one w/ God that's when the authority of the almighty God was made available through Apostle Paul. Otherwise it was God in Paul shadow!!! . That's when God released his healing power. Psalms 91:1He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. All Glory be to God!!

  • I believe as im growing in this class and learning getting the wisdom and knowledge of this class and what i gain so far in trusting in God that i could have that same prophetic flow like peter. I still have much to learn and all but with my faith so far and trusting God yes i believe i do. I believe that if God did it for peter he can do it for me as well. As long as i put all my trust in him and keep following in his foot steps i cant go wrong and there is no way to be but right when walking with the Lord.

    Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... said:

    Blessings Platinum Eagles, I have a question, do you think you have right now the same Apostolic Anointing, and Prophetic Flow as Apostle Peter, when his shadow healed people? If so, please explain why?

  • His shadow was blessed..and he stayed under God anointing praying and fasting and being consistent with the walk of God Having Faith in God abilities so much that he knew whatever he touch would be blessed as well as when ever he walked through with authority that his shadow was blessed and knew he can heal the sick just by walking through with that prophetic flow anointing. He completely trusted in God that much.
  • Sanctified himself fast and prayed before God and just allow God to use Him. He also walked in confidence with that anointing
  • Like all who were greatly anointed vessels of God Peter was obedient.Peter also believed everything that Jesus told him without question, so his faith was great. Peter had a very great love for Jesus. He was very bold in his witnessing and spoke out whenever he was questioned by religious leaders.He preached that there was no other name by which men could be saved even after Jesus was crucified, he continued to make the same claims that got Jesus killed. Then he began to preach the resurrection and to point out the guilt of Jesus's murderers.He walked even more closely with Jesus than most of the other disciples. Even when threatened he refused to stop preaching in Jesus name. He obeyed God and not man even after being thrown into prison and then beaten. He actually rejoiced after being beaten that he was counted worthy to suffer shame for Jesus's name sake.He was also given continually in prayer.In all I would say that Peters anointing was so strong because he did said, believed and preached just as Jesus did.
  • Blessings Platinum Eagles, I have a question, do you think you have right now the same Apostolic Anointing, and Prophetic Flow as Apostle Peter, when his shadow healed people? If so, please explain why?

  • Peter shadow was able to heal the sick because God had put it in him to heal the sick. Peter shadow had the Apostolic Anointing because he walking and full flesh he did what God say do. He walked in all five fold minstries and he moved as God said move
  • I believe the Peter was fully aligned with the Holy Spirit, he completely surrender himself to the work of the Lord. I believe he had a relationship with the Lord, that he empower him with POWER to preach the Gospel. He was walking in GODS GLORY.

  • Peter was a Apostle a servant  of Christ Jesus.  He was under Jesus.  Peters faith  was weak  (shallow) means  Not deep.  By staying focus on Jesus, Peter's  faith became stronger. . Jesus ordained Peter and gave  him power to walk in Apostolic Anointing to heal the sick.


  • peter was filled with god spirit he walk in faith knowing that anything is possible in god don't every two guess your self so with faith peter walked and healed the sick as people watch other be healed there faith also grew the more peter walk in authority and with that sign and wonder followed him people just knew if they just had contact from peter they to would be healed and today that what the church needs now faith to know that Jesus is a healer Jesus is a deliver there nothing to hard for Jesus to do  he can do the impossible I seen him do it 

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