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  • Bless morning this is turning out to be Glory to Yah!! 

  • Blessings having a wonderful night you all do the same Gn Agape!! 💕

  • Bless to be here again happy and fortunate to be chosen by Elohim it's truly a blessing everyday!!! I receiving back all God said I would. And my life is turning out peaceful. 

  • Blessings everyone in the kingdom how is everyone on this day we just thank God for this wonderful Grand great of a day we are having on today. My God continue to have your way with your prophetess my children everyone of your children halleluYah we just thank you God for just being miraculous for being awesome for being dependable loyal and we just grateful for your divine protection my God and covering over our lives we so grateful and thankful on today for just being God halleluYah we're so grateful for you being the light lamp of our feet of our chosen path for my Purpose you are the purpose and the reason we are here to serve you to worship you to praise you my God and tell the people about all the miraculous great things you are doing for your people my God  how you are uplifting your people to encourage them my God and help open up their awareness my God to what you are doing in their lives and how you can be even more my God of a gray Helper by being Father God Mother God brother sister best friend business partner whatever they need you to be for their lives you'll be the best for them a great asset they ever could ask for and there greatest protector in their lives my God so much more you can be if they just open up my God  to you and allow you to do the things that some people are just so stubborn in their ways they're not opening up to allow the healing in they just need to understand they don't have to do it alone my God I use to be the same way my God and at times it is challenging but I open up anyway my God because you have shown me yourselves my God that I don't have to do it alone I'm not alone my God I have a support system now I no longer have to think about the support I don't have rather focus on the support I do have my God so thank you God for being in my life to show me this because I really truly need it to open up my eyes my eye gate so my God to see this halleluYah in my life things have changed for the greater my God and it's time for me to pay closer attention to that change halleluYah focusing more on those gaps as being filled in on than the ones that have not focus on the gaps that has been filling to even put anything else in because that is being fulfilled for me in another way I thank you God for my spiritual family I thank you God for the mentors and leaders in my life vessels you have used to plant seeds then watch those seeds grow in me thank you so much for maturity and the spiritual growth that has been going on with me naturally and spiritually halleluYah  I'm just grateful to open up my awareness to the spiritual Street side as well and not just a natural side halleluYah thank you so much God for Just my God keeping me always aware of being uplifted Encourage Motivated and I can give that same energy positive energy out into the people my God bless your people that comes to this ministry visitors my God and those that's been here for a while my God touch everyone their homes their finances we speak healing we speak good health and wealth their way my God we just speak that my God into existence may it be so my God and we just thank you so much for everything you have done mother God and father God continue to be our infinite source and life force halleluYah  because we are allowing you to be that and more in our lives continue to show up in the inner me showing up inside of me halleluYah as we tap into the inner us halleluYah and pulling on the real inner Energy HalleluYah we thank you for recognizing everything about me protecting me and keeping your hand upon my lives in Jesus halleluYah  halleluYah Ne'eman 

  • Thankful to Elohim for showing up in my Life and Being wonderful to me.. Life has been peaceful and challenging all at once but Elohim is with me no matter what it looks like sounds like feel like im happy to be on the winning team with Elohim and Tapping into more of my spiritual side and eye i see different since i been apart of I AM A RUBY i hear different operate different even dating all of it is different God open me to start to see another way so as im concentrating on me what im showed because you never know what God is wanting to show you next. God is awesome im learning to teleport im learning how i have out of body experiences so i have my handsful God showed me im more powerful then i knew me to be and i need to give myself more credit. Elohim needs me focus more so i been turning things around i see i need to be there for me more because Elohim and my kids is all i got. And now a Spiritual Family too. Im so use to being left out or left behind to give people space and feel like im crowding them thats another reason i dont like getting close to people but im adjusting so i kept my distance cause i would feel awkward like a unwanted guest that i became accustom to being left behind so now im learning to unbecome accustom to it its not easy to talk to your mind not to rush to conclusions of negative thoughts its challenges me but Elohim is with me helping figure it out. Will have a better days though cheers to better days On purpose. Agape.

  • God lead me today and be my Everything i need you all to be for me.

  • As im ending my Night. I just want to take out the time to say thank you God. For everything thank youu for showing me a way to progress and make moves further in my Life. Keep leading me God i know i still need to open up more i will do so This Time and This year. You DESERVE more from me..

  • As im learning on what Love is as a Women not as a little girl. The Understanding the meaning it is all different. From when a child what it ment and what it should be to what it is as an adult and what it really is.. Learning how Love is an Action word and how some can't follow the action behind it that it takes to show it. As a child i never understood it. As a women i see there is reason behind it why they can not follow family or not. This was my Story do anyone remember how to was always my question. Then as years went by I was consume by it for so long that the question has flip on me. Do I know how to Love anymore. If God hadnt enter my life the moment that they did the answer would be no. Thank God im shown on today what Agape really is and how its in God Nature to love as well. Im still this day still Learning love from them. And asking myself am i loving me correctly..

  • Now that im 30years it's like a Awareness of a window has open up. A Window of Wisdom and Understanding. Like a veil that was covered my mind was lifted. Now i can see errors and mistakes clearer i can understand them with clarity. Like i was consume with darkness of anger hurt in emotions and now thats its over im not longer angery or hurt or in my emotions i can see now. I use to think people was tripping when they use to correct me all the time. Like i was so full of wisdom. i cant be told a thing. But i can see now their soo much more wisdom i have no inking about. In due time things will be revealed. Im just greatful for this chance to see notice become aware and out of that place of cant be told anything. Growth took its rightful place in me. And im just happy i can see it as im still growing. Peace has took its rightful. place in me. So no looking back. To moving forward as i grow stronger in the Lord. 

  • Time waits for no one. So therefore i will not waste my time on anything that do not pertain to how i can succeed in God. Focusing on something different like on Me and God. Personal time is Locked in. One on One is in session. God Keep Leading me ik its my time to meditate more and hear what you all are calling for me to know and do in this season and hour.

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