•  Jesus was preparing them for there journey to help his  people and to save souls but Jesus want them first to become equip to have knowledge and wisdom and discernment of spirits  because they didn't know what they may be coming up against and Jesus didn't want them to become prideful yes Jesus allow them to lay hands on the sick and to heal them and to cast out demons and to even raise the died but he want them to always know it was him that allow sign and wonders to happen and to always allow the holly spirit to lead them  it will become there comforter it would  help them in there  time of need and to always stay humble and thirsty for the him

  • Greetings Apostle T, 

    The reason Jesus told his disciples to be wise as serpents was to keep them always seeking wisdom not taking anything for granite ensuring that they would be prepared for what was to come. Also letting them know to what level they needed to seek wisdom. As for him telling them to be humble as doves, he knows that people or the flesh will have folks acting hotty or like they are better then the next person which will interfere with the move of the spirit. It was also a warning to his disciples for them to be mindful not to let the power in which they were yeilding by the grace of God to their heads and to keep them grounded and rooted in the things of the spirit rather the things and temptation of the world. 

  • The devil is crafty, God called him that in Genesis . We are always to be wise of his devices. Quick to see and call things into order, yet with all this authority and boldness we are to be gentle as a dove. Because God souls are precious and we as ministers of the Gospel has the treat them as such . Not being puffed up and full of pride, al belong to God God said with love and kindness have my drawing beat and that's the only way we're going to win souls for God is showing the attributes of God and not every day walk. Vein pride has no place in the body of Christ , all of man's righteousness is as filthy rags before a holy God. So let's walk like we received unmerited favor.
  • Jesus wanted them to be wise and humbled, regardless of what they were going through.  He wanted them to be wise and to pay attention due to the dangers lying in wait for them orchestrated by the Devil!  He wanted them to be humbled so that when they are amongst the people, they saw the God in them.

  • As he sends his disciples out, Jesus tells them that they will be “as sheep in the midst of wolves.” The wolf is a terrible beast of prey, known for its appetite, cunning, and fierceness. Sheep, on the other hand, are weak, witless, and docile; surely no match for the strength and craftiness of the wolf. In the presence of wolves, sheep are in great peril because they have, in themselves, no effective means of defense.

    The point of the analogy is the danger that the disciples will be in and their relative defenselessness against their powerful and vicious foes. Jesus is not saying that his disciples are individually stupid, weak, or cowardly. Jesus is stating that in the mission of preaching the gospel of the kingdom, they will be opposed by the hostile powers that be in Israel and, at a later time, in the Roman Empire, and that they will not have the means for adequate defense against these powers.

    In view of these things, the disciples of Christ must act in a particular manner. It would be suicidal for Jesus’ followers to conduct themselves during their mission without regard to the strong and vicious enemies who seek to devour them. Therefore, Jesus counsels them to be “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” The circumstance of confessing Christ and his Word in a hostile setting requires wisdom and integrity.

    The Greek word that is here translated “wise” refers to practical wisdom, prudence, cleverness, and discernment. One who is “wise,” in the sense of this term, is a person who shows presence of mind and has the understanding and sound judgment necessary to act prudently (cf. the usage of this particular Greek word in Matt. 7:24; 24:45; 25:2, 4, 8, 9; Lk. 16:8; 1 Cor. 10:15)

    Therefore, to be “wise as serpents” refers to the ability of the disciples to avoid unnecessary contact or conflict with the “wolves,” and if such conflict or contact occurs, to know how to handle the situation in a way that minimizes the ability of the “wolves” to succeed in an attack. Jesus’ disciples should not invite or provoke attacks from their enemies, but rather behave in such a fashion that frustrates the designs of the wicked against them.

    But it is not enough to be “wise as serpents.” The mission of serving Christ in the world also requires disciples to be “harmless as doves.” The Greek word translated “harmless” means, literally, “unmixed,” and was used to refer to such things as pure gold or unmixed wine. In the New Testament, it is employed figuratively of moral purity and integrity (Rom. 16:19; Phil. 2:15).

    To be “harmless as doves” expresses the need of Jesus’ disciples to be above reproach in both conduct and speech. They must be clever and shrewd in dealing with their cunning wolf-like adversaries, but they must never stoop to the ethics of their enemies. They must be free from guile and evil. Sin in the life and speech of the disciple gives his foes an easy opening to discredit and neutralize his witness.

  • amen
  • Because he wants us to be patience more and dont go off the wrong path. by becoming angry so fast when if we are patience as a dove we will get the whole picture. As well thats why he told them to be wise because being more watchful observant about whats around them and then you will learn or know how to act or respond to that situation. wisdom is the the Key and so is listening to God.
  •  Jesus told his disciples to be wise as serpents and humble as doves, because to much of one thing , and less of the other would not bring about balance. Also, this keeps the flesh under control. I'm reminded of  the scripture Proverbs 11:1  A false balance [is] abomination to the LORD: but a just weight [is] his delight.  Everything we do must bring joy to the heart of the God.

  • Prophetess Henriette Burns said:
    God wants us to be aware of whats around us and what can happen. Because the serpents were very aware of thing to happen.Thats why he say to be wise as serpents...he wants his people to be humble as a dove because no matter what they always claim never angry or ready to take things into there own hands they just sit and wait even when trouble come they are calm. Thays how God wants us to be calm when the enemy trys to come against us just stay calm and God will work it out for you
    sheen prophetess Henriette That is what is important if we stay humble and discerning then we will know that is GOD THAT HAS GIVEN US THE VICTORY
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