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Questions for Group Discussion
1. How can we tell what our giftings, callings, and anointings are?
2. What are the ramifications of getting identity from Apostolic Anointing/Gifting and Prophetic Flow instead of calling?

Life Application
Take the moment now with the Holy Spirit to discover what gifts the Lord has given you, an activate them? Ask Him for gifts that you have ever walked in the Apostolic Anointing and Prophetic Flow. Go to one of your active classmates this week, the ones who comment and interact with this week class syllabus, speak to them with one of the realms of Prophecy, pray for them, and watch the word of God Manifest?

Then inbox me, and let me know who the individual was, thank you.

Go and try it!
Let the journey begin!

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We tell them by the things we enjoy in Christ and it is our inner motivation. I wanted to share this as I was researching and just reading what others have wrote. I think this will be very informative to us. 

Prophecy:eyes of the body of Christ

Service:hands of the body of Christ

Teaching:mind of the body of Christ

Giving:arms of the body of Christ

Exhortation:mouth of the body of Christ

Administration:head of the body of Chirst

Mercy:heart of the body of Christ. 

Anointing is a sacramental rite whereby the acts or effects of being chosen for delegated position or purpose are signified by pouring or smearing oil upon a person elevated to an office.

Gifting speaks to the endowment of a person with the capacity to exhibit prophetic aptitudes.

Not sure if I am in the right direction but I am going to post what I have and come back. 



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