I am being patient with myself, with my body, and giving it grace and compassion.

I Am changing my biology, and I am grateful for my evolved mind, and subconscious mind.


I am emotionally intelligent, I am spiritually intelligent, I am mentally intelligent, I am physically intelligent, I am financially intelligent, I am socially intelligent, and I am environmentally intelligent, I am.


I am unlocking my inner power, Inner peace, and self-confidence from the inside out.

I am thankful, the YOUniverse works fast on my behalf, when I am having fun.

I am shifting into my Highest timeline of healing, good health, freedom/Autonomy, and abundance.


I am focusing on what's going right for me.

I am feeling incredible, I am.

I am the highest version of myCellf right now, I am.



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  • Blessings I already copied this down I got a new phone so I'm starting over with affirmations and all this one is needed for me as well. God bless you for sharing im taking it all in for myself too. 

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