This a powerful playback to a recap of 2018 School of the Prophets, objective 5 the seers anointing, and seeing in the 20/20 vision as an Eagle. My God, the Lord had his way. If you are ready to learn about the prophetic and the seers anointing, this broadcast is for you. HalleluYAH If you are expecting and ready for Healing, Breakthroughs, Dominion Increase, Revelations, Prophetic Manifestations, and heavenly divine interventions with God over the airways. Tune in, this is the place to be, and EXPECT a Supersonic Supernatural MIRACLE on PURPOSE! Tell everyone you know about this broadcast, it is going to be Trifectally Epic. See you all on the air, Agape~

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  • I was truly blessed by this Class call..on the recap.. I have grown so much more knowledge since this class i wasn't deep in it like i am now and to listen to this recap is showing me who i grown to be and show me who i am now verses me then. Things that i have let go since then. My understanding is better clearer than it was then. My God thankful for this bless recapping. Teaching me how my eye gate has grown and has been open up. HalleluYah. 

    Yess God my visons are coming to past. 

    Yess Lord write the instructions for me the Angels to speak to me.

    i will walk in God magnifinces glory. 

    HalleluYah not one word will Fall to the ground HalleluYah Ne'Eman. 


    This was right on time Agapeee!!!

  •  Mary knew when she seen the Angel Gabriel she knew and understood whoo come on Apostle Preach!!!

  • This was an great confirmation teaching for me today. But I just think it wasn't real what we was doing and saying. It was our true desire at that moment. It seem like it was just competition between each other. I felt like it was for show, hype, fame, and people favorite. It was so much religion it didn't make no since. Because, if we would have listened to everything each and every thing we said and heard we would not be in this place and predicament right now. I am only speaking what I got and felt. I know for a fact I didn't want to do anything that day so yeah. This is me being honest it was real for a few but I know for me it was not. Religion was my best friend and I am trying to break up with him now we don't belong together anymore. This time around I don't want to be pushed or force but my own free will as Elohim gives me. That's what I got out of this teaching not listening to our leaders us thinking we know it all and don't care what no one say we know what we know. Apostle T always ask us an how that been going for you. Not Good a all. 

  • Speak tenderly..Recieve from the Lord hands. Cry out all people are like grass faithfullness like the flowers. Whom then will you compare God. God do not turn weary They instead strengthens us that become weary and need strength. 

    Thank You God for providing and Loving healing me the God that Heals HalleluYah. 

    Mark 4:22 Nothing is hidden/Seer supernatural eyesight entering realm. 

    Im Excited.

     The different between Prophet & Seer

    Prophetes love kind meek humble ear directly connected to God. Prophets always connected to God. 

    Seer Ex-ray Just like prophets but that are to direct order of love they walk in evanglist anoting traveling. they are Lutients they make sure they mind is clear. They paint a picture. 


    When you began to regconize you can walk in authority new boldness 

    Seeing in 20/20 vision 

    Isaiah seen in the future. Eagle's has an extraordinary vision. 

  • This is a Back to Back Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Are we believing what we are Planting Come on Pastor Patricia!!! Pray over your seed prophesy...Do not rob God. 

  • wow soo much fire on the line ALREADY wow.

  • Omg is that me?? Haha i sound soo youngg!! I almost didnt regconize my voice she seem like someone totally different.  Wow.

  • Its the Song for me when it first start...Yesss!!!

  • I Am A Ruby Network 

    This is a Powerful and Dynamic teaching 👏 on the Seer's Anointing, and the Prophetic Dimensional Realms in the Spirit. The School 🏫 of the Prophets classes, are off the rector scale ⚖ . HalleluYAH 

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