"Moving In the Supernatural Flow"
by James W. Goll, Encounters Network



This fall, the Holy Spirit shared with me that new classes were being offered in His School of the Spirit. He whispered to me, "It is time for recess."

I responded, "What does recess mean?"

A reply came, "It is time for the activity to take place outside the walls. It is time for P.E. It is time for Prophetic Evangelism."

The greater activity of God's Spirit today is spilling outside of the four walls of the church as anointed vessels go to the malls, coffee shops, schools, and the marketplace moving in the revelatory and power gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Harvest is upon us -- we simply need to change our venues and schedules to release the presence and power of God where the people are. It's time for P.E. Classes.


Are there keys to moving in the Supernatural? Want to move to a higher level? Then go find empty vessels!

We will have to go out of our typical way to find these hungry vessels. They are waiting for us. With this in mind, let's take a look at the prophetic lessons of II Kings 4:1-4 and apply them today.

"Now a certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha, 'Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that your servant feared the Lord; and the creditor has come to take my two children to be his slaves.'

"And Elisha said to her, 'What shall I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in the house?'

"And she said, 'Your maidservant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.'

"Then he said, 'Go, borrow vessels at large for yourself from all your neighbors, even empty vessels; do not get a few. And you shall go in and shut the door behind you and your sons and pour out into all these vessels, and you shall set aside what is full.'"


Ever think you are about to run out of oil? Are you still waiting for the big download to occur? Again, look at the word of the Lord through Elisha. Pour until!

"So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons; they were bringing the vessels to her and she poured.

"And it came about when the vessels were full that she said to her son, 'Bring me another vessel.' And he said to her, 'There is not one vessel more.' And the oil stopped."

1) Go find empty vessels! Hint: They are located outside of your comfort zone! You must go outside your own house to find them.

2) Maintain a secret place in God by building a private history before God!

3) Use what you have! Share your oil!

4) Your key to increasing is pouring into the lives of others!

5) Don't just wait for the next big encounter -- be faithful with the little you have.

6) Invite the empty vessels into your world and pour your oil into them!

7) The supernatural flow will continue as long as the empty vessels are in front of you! Pour until they are full!

8) Your needs will be met as well when you move in the supernatural flow! Provision is on the way!

"Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, 'Go, sell the oil and pay your debt, and you and your sons can live on the rest.'"


Over the years I have found a few special keys to flowing in the supernatural flow. Here are a few of them!

1) Be faithful in serving in another's sphere! You will be given your own! Faithfulness is the key to increase!

2) Receive the Lord's Supper -- Communion -- often! Get a home or portable communion set and have it available at all times. "As often as you take this cup." It's not as "seldom" -- it is as "often." You will receive a special blessing by celebrating what the blood of Jesus has already done for you!

3) Love the anointing! Get in the environment where His presence is already flowing and partake for Jesus' sake!

4) Maintain an atmosphere of worship! You will draw His presence! You are attractive when you worship! You will draw His attention.

5) Step out in Faith! All progress in the Christian life is by faith. Watch God Move!



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  • This was a great teaching.The supernatural is available to every Christian desires to experience the power of God and move in this capacity.We must make our selves available as man of God spoke on the keys to the supernatural flow. I love the part when he spoke about worship, when we worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, it truly does activate his hand to begin to release supernatural blessings.Because of the worship that is released back to the throne of grace,God honors the obedience of his children who truly worship Him and bless his holy name.In closing, I would like to add that we must stay connected and tap in even more than before, if we expect to see the supernatural hand of God begin to move in all power.
  • Character FAITH ,Perseverance and OBEDIENCE unlock the doors to prophetic flow .we simply need to change our venues and schedules to release the presence and power of God where the people are and walk in it by FAITH and OBEDIENCE  to the HOLY SPIRIT.

  • When you pour into others and you see their faith grow, so does yours. When their excitement for God grows, so does yours. When you talk to someone less fortunate it makes you realize and appreciate how blessed you are! So let's get out there! Let's fill the vessels!
  • Love this ..... Ministry is for more then inside of the church you have to get outside
  • When we move in the Supernatural flow, as we see God is in control. As vessels we are to seek after those who are lost and pour wisdom,knowledge and truth into them. This is what pleases God, as we pour into others God will pour into us and at the same time our needs will be met. We are responsible for pouring until we have no one else to pour into.
  • Yes Pastor,

    So true, you're right on point. Hallelujah!  The government of the church is the five-fold ministry (i.e. the apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors) these are not supposed to do the work of ministry but to equip every believer to do the work of ministry.
    The challenge we have today is that large percentage of the work of the ministry is done by the five-fold ministers. However, this is not God’s will and order will for the Church.

    The church lacks so much so much because a large percentage of the believers are not fulfilled in their local churches. As a result, they are church hopping trying to find a place where their gifts will be developed and freely utilized in the church and especially beyond four walls of the church. Ex:For example, the use of the prophetic gifting in the local churches is not utilized according to 1Corinthians 14 pattern, which is God’s true order of the prophetic gift in the local church.

    If  believers can freely operate in this gift in the local church, it will be easier for them to exercise it beyond the four walls of the church which is in the marketplace. The church is not called to operate primarily within the four walls of the church. However, there are people that are gifted operate in the marketplace. We need to recognize, properly position and develop the gifts that are around us without discouraging and bringing doubt in their lives. Anyone that has a gift or calling, also has the anointing to produce the fruit attached to the gift even beyond the four walls of the church.

    It is very important to state that the marketplace Christians and businesspersons can be as spiritual as those that are called to operate within the four walls of the church. In addition, marketplace Christian’s primary role is not to make money for support the vision of those “in the ministry.” The ministry of marketplace Christians is in the marketplace meaning that their ministry is their business or work.  There is truly a desperate need to teach the church that some are called to serve in the four walls of the church but some are called to serve in the marketplace.

    The marketplace ministers are more efficient,  effective and productive in the marketplace. Their calling is of God and from time to time they also need a pat on the shoulder to do the work of ministry outside the four walls of the church.

    I'm truly grateful for this article, because it woke me up! Hallelujah! Confirmation! Confirmation! Confirmation!


    Pastor Danielle L Burton said:

    I am at a loss for words! These lessons are all up in my business, lol! As Pastor Teyshana would say, "I'm going to through this computer"!

    I don't care where I'm at if God says speak, I speak!

    We have to go where the empty vessels are and pour the oil!! There are so many hungry souls out there waiting to hear the word of God on there level in a way that is digestible and tangible to them!

    To many of us go to church only. We are passing 100s and 1000's of hungry souls along the way. Souls are being rejected and they are crying out. They are in need a word.

    Lord help us to care for your sheep. Give us wisdom in Jesus name.

  • This was truly a wonderful and powerful article. I enjoyed reading “It Is Time For Recess—It Is Time For P.E. Classes. “  Author James W. Goll, “couldn’t have state it more clearly than he did in this article.  “Recess.”   “It’s time for the activity to take place outside the walls.”  Hallelujah! It truly is, there has been so much confinement by the ways of man, and how many have tried to put God in a box. Not only that, but a quenching of the Spirit of God.  Traditionally, many became accustom to assembling in a building on whatever schedule days or nights set by the leaders of that minister.

    This is what has become the norm or what we call church or the gathering of the Saints. This is what we know as having church. The truth is, church isn’t a building, but the body of believers in the Lord Christ, is the church. And were ever a believer of Jesus Christ go, the church within (him/her) goes. The born again believer, has become a part of the body, therefore church is within them. 

    Many have missed it in this aspect; so many have become so busy in trying to build a church, that they have forgotten how to be the church.  The meaning of the word “church “has been long condensed or confined to a pulpit ministry. Truth is ministry is not something God ever intended to be confined to anyone place, but to be spread aboard. It was never about one main person, or a four walled church “building” and listening to exciting and eloquent pulpit messages as it has come in our time. 

    I believe we are definitely in a time were man has trying to contain God behind the four walls is over. There is no doubt that the death of Christ is definitely worth more than halleluiah shouting and hand clapping thousands of believers in a four wall church. There is definitely a need for reformation in the local churches all across this nation, in the body of Christ even in our minds that our gifts cannot be limited to the four walls a church “building.”

    I totally agree with the article that the God’s spirit is spilling outside of the four walls, there is a rise of marketplace apostles and prophets today who are armed with the Word of God, and undoubtedly filled with the Holy Ghost, and fuel and armored for the work and building of God’s Kingdom. It’s definitely time for a change like never before as time whines down, as the return of Christ nears, the work is still plenteous.  It’s definitely time for a change of venue, there are  many falling away from church, and I believe the vision of many Christians are limited to the four walls, but the harvest of souls extend beyond that point.

     Prophetic Evangelism is on the rise, there are those whom God will set within the body or church “building” to teach his people, and shepherd, to oversee, to equipped, train, etc., if even for a season, for equipping of the work. In this hour, I believe God is calling for those willing workers that are willing, and will find those hungry empty vessels, which are waiting us.

  • I received this information as I walk in my calling . I've always been willing to go outside the box to get the job done God is creative,all of us is already going outside the box being apart of I am a ruby school of the Prophets online and by phone, Oh my God! and the anointing is all over every one of us, and this is outside the box. I was an empty vessel who God is filling up. Hallelujah!!!

  • Jesus, .... lol.. wow. Right before I read this , I was just asking god for him to download mkre into me. I was speaking about this.... I love this... Lord sent us to each other. We are all meant to be here in the inam ruby fam. Its time for P.E yall.

    Thank u jesus. I want more of u. Use us Lord. Teach us home to be the fishers of men that u called us to me, amd u will provide our every need. N these words will not fall to the ground. In jesus naame. Amen

  • This is so on point. I feel church is more so these days preaching to the choir. Outside the four walls is the real core ministry. There is a comfort zone in the walls but Jesus was in the marketplace meeting people right where they were at their point of need. Yes it's easy to say oh you need a healing come to my church for healing on Sunday but it's greater when you can take those two hands God gave you and lay them on that person in the streets, in the store on your job and call forth healing in the name of Jesus and it be done for God's glory. Thank God I'm out of the box.
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