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But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. —2 Timothy 4:5

A number of factors contribute to bad spiritual leadershift.

The economic squeeze. The Protestant ministry is notoriously underpaid and the pastor's family is often large. Put these two facts together and you have a situation ready-made to bring trouble and temptation to the man of God. The ability of the congregation to turn off the flow of money to the church when the man in the pulpit gets on their toes is well known. The average pastor lives from year to year barely making ends meet. To give vigorous moral leadership to the church is often to invite economic strangulation, so such leadership is withheld. But the evil thing is that leadership withheld is, in fact, a kind of inverted leadership. The man who will not lead his flock up the mountainside leads it down without knowing it. 

"Lord, again I pray for any pastor who may be facing this economic squeeze today. Help him to be faithful and give strong leadership no matter the cost. Then, Lord, I pray that even today You would grant one of Your special, generous provisions as a powerful reminder of Your great faithfulness. Ne'Eman."

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This is so true, and I pray that in each leadershifter lives that we stand on God’s Word and begin to hear and listen, that we take on this role, position not depending on the congregation. As stated in the reading; “The ability of the congregation to turn off the flow of money to the church when the man in the pulpit gets on their toes is well known”. It’s truly in my Spirit and a serious prayer of mine, that I will operate in the “hands of God” not the hands of the people. As God making room for our gifts, in that, He’s providing a unique and an unusual way. Today I truly believe that God is sending an transformation extremely large amount of “Wealth” to our lives that money, how we are going to pay for things, keep things flowing financially, wont’ be a factor. He says I’ve seen the hearts of the people and I don’t want you worried about anything, especially not monetary capabilities.   So, the Economic Squeeze won’t come your way. I want you concentrating on SOULS..Building My Kingdom on a free-all base. Free from depending on others to financially supporting you. My God… Yes Lord I receive this, and embrace it…You and whomever “catch this in their Spirt, shall have a different way of “kingdom building”.


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