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    WOSV says Happy Blessed New Year to All. The first word we heard in our intimate time with our God was “Release”. That can be taken in several ways; release the old, whether it’s things, places, people, the stuck, unbearable stuff, and/or release the word within, release the dreams, visions, ministries, businesses, release the love, forgiveness, My God. WOSV coming forth to release some teaching from God, which will enhance our ability to “build” not just build but building a solid foundation. Join us on the 10th and let’s start the journey together.  

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  • Learn to Worship

    Lifting up our eyes into the hills, seeking diligently, prophesying to the “All” in our lives to line-up with the Voice of God, quantum leaped us into “Learning to Worship”. For without Him speaking there were no path to take, there was no steps to proceed, there was no way to move forward. Him knowing where I left me, He picked up all our pieces and put us back together, so we may continue the journey only He set for Us. Acknowledging it’s so much better His Way, we surrender “Completely”; developing a life of Worship, Obedience, and Grateful being so ever Thankful, We “Learn to Worship”.   

  • Awakening to Activate, Walking in Awareness, Allowing the Fire within to ignite spoken words to be in alignment with our faith; Arise to every occasion of creativity, Quantum Leaping into every point, plan, path that has been set for us. Releasing Divine Gifts!

  • Don’t allow your Riches to Replace His richest! My God, HalleluYAH; this is a great and awesome teaching, thank you Lord; A couple of things that We(Host) caught in the Spirit; the title for one, “the only way that a camel could enter would be to get down on its knees, be stripped of all of it’s baggage and guided carefully through”. My God in the Kingdom. That was seriously words that caught us, we have to bow down, get on our knees and surrender all our baggage and allow that Holy Spirit to guide us in all that we do, My God…Yes Lord, Holy Spirit Sit on me as you sat on them in the upper room, to help me through it all; to release all of my importance to you. We so desire to stay humble, at your feet, with our spiritual ear tuned in. “We must be stripped of everything prior to the Lord granting us permission to enter”. My God, we can’t come to God; enter into His Presence any-oh-way. My God. We accept the challenge; to become more alert in the realm of the Spirit; fine tuning our ears, and remaining disciplined enough to pass through the eye of the needle…HalleluYAH..Bless You Spiritual Grandmother Bishop Boatwright; we hear and obey. My God…Love You Much!!!

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