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  • 3833413728?profile=RESIZE_930xBlessing to all, it's an privilege to read and study the Word of God. We thank God that with Him, there is freedom, love, peace, as well as correction. What we speak has a great deal to how we live, and with the Word of God, Life is exceptional, not the normal, because we live and operate as God's BAE, Blessing Always Everday. He blesses us with our words, faith, and a peace that can't be understood at times. So, let us be wise in our Words, because we are what we speak...

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  • We thank and give God all the Glory and Honor on this day; There was an extraordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit on yesterday, allowing us to truly tap into His Presence, to tune-in with His Movement. Just as Jesus gave 6 commandment to the young ruler in Mark 10:21; Go, Sell, Give, Come, Take-Up, and Follow Me, He gives us commandments, When we tap in-tune to the word of God; we can begin to know that we must first: seek Him, call upon Him, incline our ear to hear and come close to listen to His instructions.  What is the word of God saying; is it a message, prophecy, promises and/or command, My God; We must tap in-tune with developing a full beneficial aspect of His Word.

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