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Hello every one im asking for prayer from my i am a ruby family this is the last time i can retake this test without paying for it. Im really in need of prayer of not forgeting and remembering everything because u cant miss not one step and thats been the problem i keep missing one. So please pray with me that i dont miss one none at all. My job is on the line because this is what i went all out for. Worked hard and study hard and just knowing its a test and being watch and all makes me kinda nervous. So i remember but then forget because im being watch so please pray with me that my attention be good and to be not nervous at all. Cause i know the work. Just knowing its a test is bothering me thanks.

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Amen, bless you, Prophetess Domonique, I am in agreement with you 100%. You shall pass, be successful and prosper, it is Done in Jesus name Amen


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