Bill Yount:

"Angelic Beachcombers" Storming the Beaches of the Nations

They appeared to be angelic beings with metal detectors searching for treasure on the beaches of the earth. What seemed to be washed up upon the shores of life through storms and spiritual shipwrecks, disregarded by many, were now in great demand in Heaven.

Much treasure was buried in the sands of beaches upon the earth. As angels began to dig deeper in the sand, an outline began to form of what appeared to be a large treasure: a form in the image and likeness of God appeared just beneath the sand - a human being!

Angels began reporting to Heaven that many who were made in the very image of God had actually buried themselves and had died spiritually, trying to find rest and relaxation in the pleasures of the shifting and quicksands of life. But Jesus now appeared walking on the waters along these shorelines of the nations. The waters were being anointed.

"Kings and Queens of the Earth Were Meant to Live in Castles. Return to Me!"

As these "angelic beachcombers" continued to dig many of these lost treasures free, the grains of sands beneath them began to cry out the sweetest word ever heard upon this earth: "Repent!"

The grains of sand seemed to speak this word with so much love, like no human voice had ever spoken to these treasures before. In fact, one angel wrote with its finger across the beaches the word "repent," and then built a heart-shaped sandcastle around it as Heaven proclaimed, "Kings and queens of the earth were meant to live in castles. Return to Me!"

True "R & R" was coming to these worn, broken lives as they began being kissed by the "Son of Righteousness" rising upon them with healing in His wings! Sweet "Repentance and Restoration" was invading the beaches and shorelines of nations! Lost wedding rings were being restored to fingers! Great financial needs began to be met supernaturally from the mouth of a fish! Jonahs began to get up one more time from when they had fallen down and began to shake the sandman from their sleep!

"Comb the Beaches, Mountains, Valleys, Cities...and My Own House"

I then heard the Father commanding these angelic beachcombers, "Begin on the beaches of the earth and then begin to move inland, combing the mountains and the valleys, the cities; and don't miss combing through My own House to search and bring forth many of My treasures who have buried themselves in their own 'church traditions' and are locked up inside those 'church walls.' Compel them to go out now into the highways, the byways, the cities, and the beaches and pick up the spoil that lays waiting."

I'll see you at the beach...

Bill Yount
Blowing the Shofar Ministries

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  • Yes, Lord! Thank You for coming into the four walls of the Church and releasing me from tradition!!!!  I am going out into the highways and byways to pick up the spoil that lays waste.

  • Jacqueline, great point the way Apostle T. visionalized this article was so profound and so powerful. It let's us see ourselves and it allow us to do inventory in our own lives as well as the lives of other believers.

    Jacqueline Jones said:

    This article is so profound.  The spiritual death and resurrection of people is happening all the time.  God was and is so concerned about His people that he sent angels to resurrect the dead.  Isn't that so like God that even after we have tried to solve our own problems without consulting Him that he still comes to the rescue.  This article was such a great article because it focused on the search and rescue of the lost, the forgotten, the unloved.  He said and while you at it, go and help those who are lost in the  traditionalism of the church.  God wants all of his people to reap the glorious benefits of worshiping and serving him without any hesitation or restraints.  

  • Amen Pastor Craig I agree less talk and more prayer

    CRAIG POWELL said:

    Pastor Craig
    So much talking but less doing
    You know Jesus I found everybody has problem n see so much, but when last time you been solution for what's not done. My people who are chosen n called by my name
    Shall humble their self n turn from their wicked ways first.
    This is why we point fingers bc it's lack of love, less praying n pointing fingers without Holy Ghost. Humble humble humble, bc at end of the day we all don't have it together. Bible says pray he for one another not do Holy Ghost Job. Amen Ty u Jesus bc we all need conviction, n the last time I known you called us to love not complain about something, but come in unity to edify n fix. Let man examine itself point at yourself first before you open your mouth, it's Holy Spirit speaks not flesh. Ty you lord we all need conviction n character not gift n puffed up. To God be the glory in Jesus name.
  • What a spiritual message. Honestly we need a fresh wind anointing to blow through and sweep the nations where the Lord can revive us by breathing life back into us again. Breathe on me Lord, Breathe on me Lord. Allow me to be restored, renewed, revived, and rejuvenated back to life. What a fresh wind anointing. At the beach a lot of debris and values can be washed to shore and a lot of dirt can be removed and washed away. Powerful word

  • This was very powerful. Searching among the sand.

  • My God My God , what a great revelation  of angelic beachcombers, this took my breathe away

  • We are not to get caught up in a the religious spirit that's running rampant today. We must be able to hear God clearly by guarding our hearts. Iron sharpen iron and we must always looking for an opportunity to speak life in a life of another. We must be concerned for more than those that are within the four walls of our household.
  • NICE!!! So many claim to be followers of Christ but don't live or follow the rules of Christ. They ARE caught up in rituals, gossip, cliques, church politics etc and they feel that everyone else is wrong. They keep looking at the splinter in the other person's eye but fail to see the plank there own eye. Thus they should repent. 

  • amen! This is the one of the key points that stood out for me:

    "Kings and Queens of the Earth Were Meant to Live in Castles. Return to Me!" YES Lord , here iam ! IAM ROYALTY

  • This demonstrates the love of God. He restores the broken, and he uses his angels to minister restoration as needed.
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