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What do these seven awakenings mean to you? Have you had any one of these awakenings before, and what strategies God give to you? Can you please share with the class in details?

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What this say to me is that this is the way of life and what it always been. I had an awaking with no lover can fix you. Thinking because I had no dad in my life to teach me what love is maybe this man could show me in some way how it feel to be loved by a man. Basically loolking for love in the wrong places and going about it wrong. I woke up when i seen that the love i needed came from God. The real love I was yerning for had to come from our father in heaven. And yes he filled that epmtyniess. I'm Greatful to know God for many many reasons thats top 1 that he showed me no man can fix you. No lover is responsible to do it. 

It is saying to me no one owes me nothing. You're right my dad don't owe me anything in my adulthood. Life is not easy but we must work to strive for our dreams to be real. My strategies is to pray everyday and cast out that little girl Lapresha that still need her dad approval and still depending on her mother to take of or care of here. It a day to day all day process. trust me. 


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