Spiritual Death Sentence of Occultism

Witchcraft, enchanter, song spell, augur, soothsayer, sorcerer, divination, fortune teller, witch, wizard, clairvoyant, physic, charmer, serpent charmer, consulter with familiar spirits, medium, sorceress, pharmakia, necromancy, seance, observer of times, star gazing, occult decorations and television, and children to pass through the fire.

Modern Terminology

Magical arts, divination, wizardry, jugglers, enchantments, secret arts, sorcery, omens, witchcraft, horoscopes, signs, lucky days, mediums, familiar spirits, abortion, soothsaying, augury, charmer, necromancer, rebellion, stubbornness, idolatry, good luck images, sold to Satan, burned incense, abominable customs, foretelling future events, consult the dead, false prophecy, lying, power of evil spirits, dreamers, magic protective charms, profaned God, slaying Christians, deceptive vails, strengthen hands of the wicked, false visions, astrology, spiritual harlotry and whoredoms, household idols, adulterers, false swearers, oppress the hireling, widow and fatherless, turn aside the temporary resident, fear not God, discover hidden knowledge, curious arts, resisting God's authority, blinding unbeliever's minds, practices of the flesh, immorality, impurity, indecency, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, ill temper, selfishness, divisions and dissensions, party spirit, factions, heresies, sects with peculiar opinions, envy, drunkenness, carousing, deluding and seducing spirits, doctrines that demons teach, deadly charms, depraved and distorted minds, reprobate, counterfeit, worship works of own hands, paying homage to demons, magic spells, poisonous charm, cowards, ignoble, contemptible, cravenly lacking in courage, cowardly submission, unbelieving, faithless, depraved and defiled with abominations, murderers, lewd, adulterous, dogs, impurity, loves and deals in falsehood, untruth, error, deception, cheating.


Characteristics noted below merit a closer look when they are pronounced, persistent or recurrent over a period of time, or progressive - tending to become more, rather than less, extreme. The following thumbnail descriptions of behavior can be a call for help:

1. Confused or disordered thinking: loss of touch with reality - delusions (persistence of erroneous convictions in the face of contrary evidence) - hallucinations; disconnected speech.

2. Obsessions: absorption with a subject or idea to the exclusion of others - compulsions - uncontrollable urges.

3. Inability to cope: with minor problems - with daily routine.

4. Difficulty in making and/or keeping friends: poor social skills - isolation, withdrawal from society - loner life -style.

5. A pattern of failure across the board: at school - at work - in sports - in personal relationships.

6. Prolonged or severe depression: suicide threats and/or attempts.

7. Immaturity: infantile behavior (such as bed-wetting) - over dependence on the mother (excessive clinging as a child and continuing dependence in teens and twenties) - failure to keep pace with peer group.

8. A series of physical ailments which do not run a typical course and/or fail to respond to treatment.

9. Neglect of personal hygiene (disheveled and unsanitary surroundings) or exaggerated concern for order and for cleanliness.

10. Difficulty adjusting to new people and places.

11.Undue anxiety and worry: phobias - feelings of being persecuted.

12. Too much or too little sleep.

13. Excessive self-centeredness: indifference to other people's feelings, doings, ideas - lack of sympathy with another's pain or need.

14. Substantial rapid weight - gain or loss.

15.Muted, flat emotions (absence of angry / delighted / sorrowing reactions to stimuli) or inappropriate emotions (sharp, inexplicable mood swings - silliness at serious moments, unpredictable tears).

16.Negative self-image and outlook: inferiority complex - feelings of worthlessness.

17.Frequent random changes of plans: inability to stick with a job, a school program, a living arrangement - failure to keep appointments, abide by decisions.

18.Extreme aggressiveness (combativeness, hostility - violence, rage) or exaggerated docility (lack of normal competitiveness and self-assertion - refusal to confront, avoidance of argument).

19. Risk-taking.

20.Lack of zest and enthusiasm: listlessness, sadness, mood habitually down - limited or missing sense of humor.

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  • I can relate to a lot of these things like the not keeping an appartment down for too long Lord God free your people from the prison of their minds in Jesus Ne'eman. 

  • Lord help us to continue to walk with you daily and remove anything that not of you.Amen

  • When Pastor Shirley Lee said that the enemy comes to kill, steal, rob, and destroy, but we have the victory and were getting the knowledge to attack back. Jesus came that we may have life and much more abundantly.. Amen to that!
  • Thank God for sharing information and enlightening us about what we must discern.
  • Wow this is a list I need to look over and over
  • Now I know why I have a problem with certain characteristics of certain people ,not just because they frustrate me but they are meant to get my attention so that I can pray for their deliverance.
  • I will need to re-read this again.

  • These are good thing to keep in mind.

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