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Jan 11
Blessings and GE RPELF, here is a Recap of what 111 means, check it out  https://iamaruby.com/photo/111newrevel
111 New Revelation Revised!
Blessings and GM my Royal Platinum Family, (Fresh Revelation) today is 111, 11/1, or 1/11 do you know what this means? This day and number are design…

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  • I believe the report of the Lord and I would like to say my blessings came as a surprise I been waiting wanting to give up but in the inside didnt so I havent so I been checking and today my prayer was answer going to have it Monday Praise God.
    • HalleluYAH, bless you Prophetess Domonique. Yes Lord, this day symbolizes everything we Desire and like to have is in transit to us now. It is already done, because we have Royal Divine Favor GlorYAH to God

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