Prophetess Domonique Smith posted a status
Mar 21
Blessings and good morning everyone..i Pray God keep you close and when he dose you wont pull away. I pray captures your heart and when he dose i pray you wont reject thee Agape Love he has. I pray he gives you peace of mind. And i pray you will accept it and wont speak negative. Let go let God. Let God have his way. I pray you trust God with everything. Because gaining God trust is everything and we shouldnt take advantage of it. I pray victory over your Life and i pray you a winner like our Father. Walking in Wisdom in the enlightment of God all around. I pray your Spirit starts getting an understanding more of who he is to us. And i pray you Open for him and Give Him your all because no one is ready to love you like he dose. Ne'Eman Agape. Have a beautiful day on purpose. Just wanted to touch spirit to spirit with you all on today.

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