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Mar 21
Afternoon Manna:
I am walking in my Divine Orgone Energy to bless, to heal, to prosper, and to increase everything inside me and around me.
Teach me your ways, precepts, stature, characteristics, instructions, your directions, and your heart and subconscious mind oh God!
I am covered, protected, and shielded by the Blood of Yeshua/Jesus, and nothing can come against it.
I am Decreeing Divine Healing, Peace, Prosperity, and God's Harmony in the universe.
I am grateful for blessings with happiness, repentance with forgiveness, opulence with miracles, unity and Agape love in the earth 🌎.
Thank you Abba-Ben Ruach Ha'Kadesh, for manifesting your promises to be with your children, because it is written.

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