Patricia Johnson posted a status
Mar 24
It’s A Done Deal:
Lord; We(Host) come before You today with thanksgiving/gratefulness in our Heart, with peace and love in our Spirit; singing praise/worship from our lips; Lord is so much activity going on and we know that You see and hear; That’s why we Praise You, because we know that it’s a Done deal. We know that Jesus took-it-all- to-the Cross, so It’s A Done Deal; We know He died for us all, and YOU raised Him for us all, and It’s A Done Deal, You are the Most High God; You are the Great I Am, and It’s A Done Deal; the world is in a state of disarray, confused, but we know It’s A Done Deal. We as people of God, yes taking the precautions to be safe, standing on Your Word, because we know within our Spirit It’s A Done Deal. We can encourage, pray, releasing Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship too Worshift the atmosphere, taking the authority in which, You have given and by no means shall anything harm us, Knowing It’s A Done Deal. Praise God, HalleluYAH!!!

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