Prophetess Domonique Smith posted a status
Sep 30
Good Morning how are you all this morning? 🌄 As we can see God is still in the Blessing Business. We all breathing and we all still able to move when and where we choose. God has given us another chance at Life. To come subject to Him and to Release whats hindering us to push forward even the more to get to Him. We must make sure we are staying prayed up. Praying over our spirit. Because spiritual war is real..I pray you all have a successful filled day Expect the unexpected. Gifts and blessings of God..Ne'Eman. Have a Great Day. Relax chill enjoy your quality time With God He the only one that dont ask for much from us after all he do Are we really being Appreciative after all he has done?? Where are we on today??..With the Father? Something to think on today in your private time. You all be Bless Above and Beyond. Agape.

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  • HalleluYAH, bless you and GA Prophetess Domonique, how are you doing on this Winning day? Very well said. Where are we today with Dad(Abba)? Do we really, and wholeheartedly, appreciate him, like we say we do? Do we really desire to be one(in alignment) with God? These are some questions to ponder on?
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