Prophetess Domonique Smith posted a status
Jan 25
Blessings Everyone.. Great to be active and able on today. The Lord is working with us all. As we are moving deeper in the spirit. Know that you have won. You are a Royal priesthood and a holy nation. Know that God is with us all. Always. Have a Bless Prosperous All things must move from beneath us that mean no good Day. Agape.

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  • Blessings and GA Prophetess Domonique, how are you doing on this Marvelous day? We take Full OwnerShift, of this word's of encouragement. May you have a Monublissfully Favored day on Purpose, Agape. 😇💕😊💓💖💜💗💚💚💌❤😍💛😇😊
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