Faith, Faith, Faith

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17


We have been taught through the Word of God, that Faith is obtained by not simply listening to the Word of God – but through understanding that Word that we hear.  However, what so frequently occurs is that we don’t properly understand the Word.  Then, since we don’t fully understand the Word, the enemy is able to steal the effectiveness of the Word.  (Read the explanation of the parable about the sower and the seed as recorded in Matthew 13:18-23).  Without the proper understanding – we open the doorway of our minds to the knocks of fear, doubt and unbelief. 


We are all given a measure of faith.  However, it then becomes our responsibility to move forward and upward on the “faith ladder”.  I would like to encourage you to check out the seven types of faith that I’ve listed below.  No doubt this list is not conclusive - just a simple measuring stick to get the ball rolling. 

 outer ear; begin to penetrate through and dismantle my former mindsets….. and find a resting place in the depth of my spirit.   When the Word that I hear begins to institute change …. I am on the road to producing a HEARING ear… An UNDERSTANDING ear.   It is this “hearing ear”; this understanding of the Word; that creates the platform for my faith to be increased!


Seven Types of Faith

(Not Listed in any Specific Order)

Want to unlock the pathway that leads to more faith??? – The master key is labeled “HEARING”!  But not mere listening…. But repetitious listening that will enter my 

  1. Natural Faith (Ex.- The type of faith that we extend to: bus drivers, our Doctors, our banks,  - no one has ever questioned a bus Driver about their credentials – we just by “natural faith” take a seat and ride!)
  2. Little Faith (Matthew 6:30)
  3. Mustard Seed Faith (Matthew 17:20 – small but potent)
  4. Great Faith (Matthew 8: 8 & 10)
  5. Measure of Faith (Romans 12:3)
  6. Faithless Faith (John 20:27)
  7. Visual Faith (Luke 5:20)



Remember: Faith requires a corresponding action or it’s still dead. However, the key is not to attempt to proceed with the ACTION until you have implemented your Biblically based FAITH!!!! 

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  • Thank You Apostle Claudia. For this wonderful break down of Faith. To understand and learning about the 7 types of faith. And telling us that the master key to unlock is Hearing not mere listening. Appreciate this teaching. 

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